Anales de psicología: Vol. 38, Nº 3 (2022) : [17]  Estadísticas

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489761-Texto del artículo-1932181-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Fear and Anxiety of COVID-19, Stress and Health Perception. A Predictive Model in Ecuadorian Hospital Patients
502421-Texto del artículo-1932101-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Grit and motivation as predictors of stages of change towards weight control in an adult population
484101-Texto del artículo-1931921-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Study on the use, acceptability and implementation of the Unified Protocol in general health psychologists in Spain
504281-Texto del artículo-1932521-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Women and videogames: What do they play?
495161-Texto del artículo-1932481-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Grandiose Narcissism and Trait Anxiety among Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Perfectionism when Self-esteem is controlled
508461-Texto del artículo-1932301-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Factorial analysis and gender invariance of GPIUS2 scale and evaluation of Caplan’s cognitive-behavioral model of problematic Internet use in adolescents
486921-Texto del artículo-1931991-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Evaluation of the PID-5 depressivity personality dimensions and depressive symptomatology in a community sample
509521-Texto del artículo-1952291-1-10-20221001.pdf.jpg2022-Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on personal well-being: A longitudinal study in Spanish population
305411-Texto del artículo-1932341-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-A Meta-analytic Study on Executive Function Performance in Children/Adolescents with OCD
502711-Texto del artículo-1932251-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Mental health impact by COVID-19 in hospitalized patients sample in Mexico City
502311-Texto del artículo-1932601-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-The Bem Sex-Role Inventory: Proposal of a short version in Spanish
502511-Texto del artículo-1932761-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Detecting underreport in real-world assessment contexts: The utility of multiple-scale indicators
502021-Texto del artículo-1932711-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-The role of affect in pacing: an experimental study
500581-Texto del artículo-1932641-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-How primary and secondary appraisals of daily stressful events influence negative and positive affect
509551-Texto del artículo-1932561-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Validation of the Spanish version of the Technostress Creators Scale in Chilean Workers
489601-Texto del artículo-1932441-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-The effect of traumatic experiences on attachment styles
494351-Texto del artículo-1932031-1-10-20220825.pdf.jpg2022-Exploring a dialogic approach in tackling psychotic diseases: A systematic review
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 17 de 17