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jcebrian-tpds22.pdf.jpgabr-2022-Compiler-Assisted Compaction/Restoration of SIMD Instructions
rtitos-tpds22.pdf.jpgene-2022-DeTraS: Delaying Stores for Friendly-Fire Mitigation in Hardware Transactional Memory
ejgomez-micro21.pdf.jpgoct-2021-Efficient, Distributed, and Non-Speculative Multi-Address Atomic Operations
jfeliu-micro21.pdf.jpgoct-2021-ITSLF: Inter-Thread Store-to-Load Forwarding in Simultaneous Multithreading
mshimchenko-supe21.pdf.jpgjun-2021-Analysing Software Prefetching Opportunities in Hardware Transactional Memory
aros-mldpc21.pdf.jpgjun-2021-BL∪E: A Timely, IP-based Data Prefetcher
aros-isca21.pdf.jpgjun-2021-A Cost-Effective Entangling Prefetcher for Instructions
ejgomez-ispass21.pdf.jpgabr-2021-Splash-4: Improving Scalability with Lock-Free Constructs
pekemark-hpca21.pdf.jpgfeb-2021-TSOPER: Efficient Coherence-Based Strict Persistency
ATrustedAp..t.pdf.jpg2021-A Trusted Approach for Decentralised and Privacy-Preserving Identity Management
ssingh-pact20.pdf.jpgoct-2020-Regional Out-of-Order Writes in Total Store Order
ktran-pact20.pdf.jpgoct-2020-Clearing the Shadows: Recovering Lost Performance for Invisible Speculative Execution through HW/SW Co-Design
aros-micro20.pdf.jpgoct-2020-Speculative Enforcement of Store Atomicity
jcebrian-micro20.pdf.jpgoct-2020-Boosting Store Buffer Efficiency with Store-Prefetch Bursts
aros-cal20.pdf.jpgjun-2020-The Entangling Instruction Prefetcher
aros-ipc20.pdf.jpgmay-2020-The Entangling Instruction Prefetcher
Accelerating_Finite_Field_Arithmetic_for_Homomorphic_Encryption_on_GPUs.pdf.jpg--Accelerating Finite Field Arithmetic for Homomorphic Encryption on GPUs
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 17 de 17