Histology and histopathology: Vol.30, nº6 (2015) : [11]  Estadísticas

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Yu-30-737-749-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Beneficial effects of cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2R) in injured skeletal muscle post-contusion
Franco-30-707-714-2015.pdf.jpg2015-HtrA1 loss is related to aggressive behavior parameters in sentinel node positive breast cancer
Jarzabek-30-715-723-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Immunohistochemical study of KiSS1 and KiSS1R expression in human primary breast cancer: Association with breast cancer receptor status, proliferation markers and clinicopathological features
Fabbri-30-725-735-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Effects of N-acetylcysteine on human ovarian tissue preservation undergoing cryopreservation procedure
Kim-30-689-695-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Histopathological features of the gastroesophageal junction: an Eastern view
Zogopoulos-30-629-645-2015.pdf.jpg2015-The antitumor action of cannabinoids on glioma tumorigenesis
Carvelli-30-647-660-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Prosaposin: a protein with differential sorting and multiple functions
Koh-30-661-672-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Hematopoietic stem cell enhancer: a powerful tool in stem cell biology
Somarelli-30-673-687-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Carcinosarcomas: tumors in transition?
Nam-30-751-762-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Altered response of pendrin-positive intercalated cells in the kidney of Hoxb7-Cre;Mib1f/f mice
Vybohova-30-697-706-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Quantitative immunohistochemical assessment of blood and lymphatic microcirculation in cutaneous lichen planus lesions
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 11 de 11