Anales de psicología: Vol. 36, Nº 2 (2020) : [20]  Estadísticas

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15_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Sleep habits as predictors of psychological health in healthcare professionals
08_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Teaching quality: The satisfaction of university students with their professors
09_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Reading sentences in Spanish: some similarities and differences between children with dyslexia and those with deafness
19_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Cyber dating violence: A Review of Its Research Methodology
04_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Basic psychological needs and subjective well-being in Portuguese older people
16_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Social Support, Self-Esteem and Quality of Life among People Living With HIV/AIDS in Jammu & Kashmir India
17_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Theoretical framework and explanatory factors for child-to-parent violence. A scoping review
10_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Identifying instructional mediation patterns related with progress made in reading comprehension in socio-cultural disadvantaged contexts
07_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Regulation of cognition: Validation of a short scale for Portuguese first-year university students
13_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-The Young Schema Questionnaire Short Form 3 (YSQ-S3): does the new four-domains model show the best fit?
03_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Perception of organizational politics, psychological safety climate, and work engagement: A cross-level analysis using hierarchical linear modeling
11_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Neurodevelopmental difficulties as a comprehensive construct of learning disabilities in children with developmental delay: a systematic review
01_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Development and Validation of the Spanish Version of the Political Skill Inventory: A Measurement Invariance Test
06_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Optimism and happiness in undergraduate students: Cognitive flexibility and adjustment to university life as mediators
14_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-GHQ-12 in adolescents: contributions to the controversial factorial validity
12_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-The effects of children’s self-educational aspiration and self-efficacy on mathematics achievement: A moderated chained mediation model
20_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Efficacy of a group intervention program with women victims of gender violence in the framework of contextual therapies
18_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-The Phenomenon of Sexting among Spanish Teenagers: Prevalence, Attitudes, Motivations and Explanatory Variables
05_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Psychological variables related to corruption: a systematic review
02_EN_Anales_Psicologia_V36_N2_2020.pdf.jpg2020-Adaptation and validation of the healthy employee questionnaire of the HERO model
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 20