Histology and histopathology: Vol.18, nº 3 (2003) : [32]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Localization of integrin αvß3 and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (KDR/Flk-1) in cutaneous and oral melanomas of dogRawlings, N.G.; Simko, E.; Bebchuk, T.; Caldwell, S.; Singh, B.
2003Alterations induced on cytoskeleton by Escherichia coli endotoxin in different types of rat liver cell culturesPagani, R.; Portolés, M.T.; De la Viña, S.; Melzner, I.; Vergani, G.
2003Lectin binding patterns in normal canine endometrium and in bitches with pyometra and cystic endometrial hyperplasiaLeitner, M.; Aurich, J.E.; Galabova, G.; Aurich, C.; Walter, I.
2003Modulatory role of IL10 in endothelial cell damage and platelet adhesionGimeno, M.J.; Pascual, G.; García-Honduvilla, N.; Prieto, A.; Alvarez de Mon, M.; Bellón, J.M.; Buján, J.
2003Morphometric analysis of the tumor associated tissue eosinophilia in the oral squamous cell carcinoma using different staining techniquesLorena, S.C.M.; Dorta, R.G.; Landman, G.; Nonogaki, S.; Oliveira, D.T.
2003Evaluation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21Cip1 in epithelial ovarian tumors of low malignant potential and adenocarcinomasVassilopoulos, I.; Korkolopoulou, P.; Konstantinidou, A.E.; Patsouris, Efstratios; Eftichiadis, C.; Thimara, I.; Perdiki, M.; Pavlakis, K.; Agapitos, E.; Davaris, P.
2003Understanding the role of the cytoskeleton inthe complex regulation of the endothelial repairLee, J.S.Y.; Gotlieb, A.I.
2003Adenomatous hyperplasia of the rete testis. A review and report of new casesNistal, M.; Castillo, M.C.; Regadera, J.; García-Cabezas, M.A.
2003The influence of different fibrous supplements in the diet on ruminal histology and histometry in veal calvesDi Giancamillo, A.; Bosi, G.; Arrighi, S.; Savoini, G.; Domeneghini, C.
2003The pathobiologic spectrum of SchwannomasKurtkaya-Yapicier, O.; Scheithauer, B.W.; Woodruff, J.M.
2003Basigin (CD147): a multifunctional transmembrane protein involved in reproduction, neural function, inflammation and tumor invasionMuramatsu, T.; Miyauchi, T.
2003Histochemical and chronological analysis of mouse submandibular gland parenchyma subjected to abrupt reperfusionFujisawa, Y.; Aiyama, S.
2003Characterization and mRNA expression in an unusual odontogenic lesion in a patient with tricho-dento-osseous syndromeDodds, A.P.; Cox, S.A.; Suggs, C.A.; Boyd, C.; Hart, T.C.; Wright, J.T.; Ruiz, R.
2003T cell regulation of the immune response to infection in periodontal diseasesYamazaki, K.; Yoshie, H.; Seymour, G.J.
2003RNA is closely associated with human mast cell lipid bodiesDvorak, A. M.; Morgan, E.S.; Weller, P.F.
2003Cell populations in the pineal gland of the viscacha (Lagostomus maximus). Seasonal variationsCernuda-Cernuda, R.; Piezzi, R.S.; Domínguez, S.; Alvarez-Uría, M.
2003Review of renal oncocytoma with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspectsKuroda, Naoto; Toi, M.; Hiroi, Makoto; Shuin, T.; Enzan, H.
2003An electron microscopic and biochemical study of the effects of propranolol on the glycogen autophagy in newborn rat hepatocytesKotoulas, Othon B.; Kalamidas, Stefanos; Miles, P.; Hann, A.C.
2003Sunburn reaction in the dorsal skin of hypotrichotic WBN/ILA-Ht ratsOkada, T.; Albarenque, S.M.; Yasoshima, A.; Malcotti, V.; Katayama, K.; Uetsuka, K.; Nakayama, Hiroyuki; Doi, K.
2003Cisplatin induced gamma-glutamyltransferase up-regulation, hypertrophy and differentiation in astrocytic glioma cells in cultureMares, V.; Lisá, V.; Malík, R.; Kozáková, H.; Sedo, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32