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Synthesis and Solution Behavior of some.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191990Synthesis and Solution Behavior of some Bis[ Z-{(dimethylamino)methyl~phenyl]gold(III) Complexes
Synthesis of the first example.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191985Synthesis of the First Example of a Cyclometallated ortho-Nitrophenyl Complex. X-Ray Molecular Structure of Carbonyl(chloro)bis(o-nitrophenyl-C,O)rhodium
Loose clusters.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191993Synthesis of [Au3I3+, [Au2AgI3+, and [Au2CuI3+ Loose Clusters
New arenediethynylgold.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20192003New arenediethynylgold(I) complexes. Crystal structures of [Ph3PAuC-C(phenylendiyl-1,3)C-CAuPPh3] and [Ph3PAuC-C(mesitylendiyl-1,3)C-CAuPPh3]
Palladium.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191994Palladium-assisted formation of carbon-carbon bonds Part 2.” Stoichiometric synthesis of spirocyclic compounds. X-ray structure of a wallylic palladium intermediate
Synthesis of Intermediates.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191990Synthesis of Intermediates in the C-H Activation of Acetone with 2-PhenylazophenylgoId(III) Complexes and in the C-C Coupling of Aryl Groups from Diarylgold(III) Complexes. Crystal and Molecular Structures of [Au{c,H,(N=NC,H4Me-4')-2-Me-5}(acac-C)CI] (acac = acetylacetonate), ciS-[Au(C,H4N=NPh-2)CI2( PPh,)], and [AU(C6H,CH2hiMe2-2)(c6F5)CI]
Synthesis of the First Hydroxomonoaryltin.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191992Synthesis of the First Hydroxomonoaryltin( IV) Complexes. Crystal and Molecular Structure of [{Sn[C,H,( N=NC6H,-M e-4') - 2, Me - 51 C I ( p-0 H )}2]
Insertion of Internal Acetylenes into Orthopalladated.pdf.jpg26-Nov-20191995Insertion of Internal Acetylenes into Orthopalladated a- Methyl benzylami ne. Crystal Structure of [ Pd{C( Ph)=C( Ph)C( Ph)=C( Ph)C,H,CH( Me)NH,}Br]
Dicationic.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191984Dicationic 2-[(Dimethylamino)Methyl]Phenylgold(III) Complexes - Crystal and Molecular-Structure of [AU(2-C6H4CH2NME2)(PY)2](BF4)2.CH3COCH3
Crystal and molecular structure.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191990New 2,4,6-trinitrophenylpalladium(II) complexes. Crystal and molecular structure of tram-2,4,6 trinitrophenyl(chloro)bis(triphenylarsine)palladium(II)
Complexes of Gold.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191982Ortho-nitrophenyl Complexes of Gold(III)
Preparation and Properties of Stable Salts Containing Mono.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191976Preparation and Properties of Stable Salts Containing Mono- or Bis-(pentafluorophenyl)aurate(I) and Mono-, Tris-, or Tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl)aurate(III) Ions
Activation of Ketones.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191992Carbon-Hydrogen Activation of Ketones by 2-Phenylazophenylgold(III) Complexes to give Ketonylgold(III) Complexes
A NEW WAY OF SYNTHESISING DIARYLGOLD.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191982A new way of Synthesising diarylgold(III) Complexes using organomercury compounds
Diorganot ha1 I ium Derivatives obtained.pdf.jpg25-Nov-20191992Non-arylic DiorganothalIium Derivatives obtained by Metallation. Synthesis and Isolation of the First DiketonyIthalIium (III) Complexes
Crystal and Molecular structure of bis.pdf.jpg30-Oct-20191984Bis[2-( phenylazo)phenyl-C1N']gold(III) Complexes. Crystal and Molecular Structure of Bis[2-( pheny1azo)phenyl-C1 N']gold(III) Tetrach loroau rate
rep003.pdf.jpg29-Oct-20191975Preparation of organogold(III) complexes by oxidizing dichlordethanedigold(I), or bis(pentafluorophenyl)-mu-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethanedigold(I)
GilRubio-Vicente_AuMetalloligands-2018.pdf.jpg13-Oct-20172017The Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry of Gold Metalloligands
GilRubio-Vicente-Rh-Ir-2017.pdf.jpg21-Mar-20172017Perfluoroalkylation of Coordinated Ethene in Rh(I) and Ir(I) Complexes. Catalytic Addition of Iodoperfluoroalkanes to Ethene
rep002.pdf.jpg-1975Dihaloperhaloaryl triphenylarsine gold(III) complexes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20