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Title: Synthesis and Solution Behavior of some Bis[ Z-{(dimethylamino)methyl~phenyl]gold(III) Complexes
Issue Date: 26-Nov-2019
Date of creation: 1990
Related subjects: CDU::5 - Ciencias puras y naturales::54 - Química::546 - Química inorgánica
Keywords: organometallics Au(3) benzophenyl Hg transmetalation cyclometallated ortometallated
Abstract: [Au(2-C6H4CH,NMe,)ClZ] reacts with [Hg(2- C6H4CH2NMe,), ] (2/l) or with [Hg(2-C6H4CH2- NMe,)Cl] (l/l) both in the presence of an excess of [Me,N]Cl to give [Au(2-Ce,H4CH#Me&C1) (1) which reacts with KCN or AgC104 to give [Au(2- C6H4CH2NMe2),CN] (2) or [Au(2-C6H4CH2- NME,), ]C104 (3), respectively. The solution behavior of these complexes is studied by NMR spectroscopy.
Primary author: Vicente, J.
Bermúdez, M. D.
Sánchez-Santano, M. J.
Payá, J.
Faculty / Departments / Services: Facultades, Departamentos, Servicios y Escuelas::Departamentos de la UMU::Química Inorgánica
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Number of pages / Extensions: 4
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