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jm.pdf.jpg6-oct-2023-Effects of the UNE 166.002 standards on the incremental and radical product innovation and organizational performance
PaperEffec..k.pdf.jpg19-jun-2023-Effects of the organizational culture andknowledge exploration and exploitation onresults in the EFQM model framework
Kahoot! and its effect Springer.pdf.jpg14-mar-2023-Kahoot! and its effect on financial accounting marks at the university
10.3934era..1.pdf.jpg2023-From trust and dependence commitment to B2B engagement: An empirical analysis of inter-organizational cooperation in FMCG
Unlockings..m.pdf.jpg2023-Unlocking sustainable competitive advantage: exploring the impact of technological innovations on performance in Mexican SMEs within the tourism sector
AuditEarni..A.pdf.jpg2023-Is earnings management impacted by audit fees and auditor tenure? An analysis of the Big Four audit firms in the US market
E-commerce.pdf.jpg2023-The business digitalization process in SMEs from the implementation of e-commerce: An empirical analysis
Innovation..e.pdf.jpg2023-Relationship between Innovation and the Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Industrial Sector: The Mediating Role of CSR
InversinSo..e.pdf.jpg2023-La promoción de la Inversión Socialmente Responsable en el ámbito autonómico. Una propuesta para la Región de Murcia.
Signopolit..a.pdf.jpg2023-¿Influye el signo político en la gestión económica de un Ayuntamiento?
A-bibliome..s.pdf.jpg2023-A Bibliometric Analysis of Sustainability Education in Tourism Universities
Covidysost..o.pdf.jpg2023-COVID-19 and Public Health Spending; Effects on Economic Sustainability of the Spanish Private Healthcare System
TheReferen..s.pdf.jpg2023-The reference group as antecedent of gray market participation: an empirical analysis
Tutoria virtual.pdf.jpgdic-2022-Educación Superior y tutoría: uso del aula virtual en contabilidad
Sustainabi..e.pdf.jpg22-nov-2022-Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, non-financial reporting and company performance: Relationships and mediating effects in Spanish small and medium sized enterprises
Maloshbitos.pdf.jpg10-nov-2022-The Effect of Public Healthcare Expenditure on the Reduction in Mortality Rates Caused by Unhealthy Habits among the Population
Emprendimi..o.pdf.jpg22-sep-2022-The role of gender and connections between entrepreneurship and employability in higher education
Canalesded..n.pdf.jpg20-sep-2022-Using PLS-SEM for assessing negative impact and cooperation as antecedents of gray market in FMCG supply chains: An analysis on spanish wholesale distributors
GenderandCO2.pdf.jpg10-jun-2022-Are gender and cultural diversities on board related to corporate CO2 emissions?
SectorTurs..l.pdf.jpg2022-El sector turístico como motor del crecimiento y de la recuperación de la economía en la Costa del Sol
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 81