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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008AB deposition and related pathology in an APP x PS1 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer s diseaseHowlett, D.R.; Bowler, K.; Soden, P.E.; Riddell, D.; Davis, J.B.; Richardson, J.C.; Burbidge, S.A.; Gonzalez, M.I.; Irving, E.A.; Lawman, A.; Miglio, G.; Dawson, E.L.; Howlett, E.R.; Hussain, I.
2006Alterations of the cerebrospinal fluid proteins and subcommissural organ secretion in the arterial hypertension and ventricular dilatation. A study in SHR ratsMartínez de la Peña y Valenzuela, Isabel; Carmona-Calero, E.; Pérez-González, H.; Ormazabal-Ramos, C.; Fernández-Rodríguez, P.; Gonzalez-Marrero, I.; Castañeyra Perdomo, A.; Ferres Torres, R.
2014Animales transgénicos para producción de proteínas humanasSánchez, Araceli; Gadea Mateos, Joaquín
2007Expression of certain proteins in the subfornical organ and cerebrospinal fluid of spontaneously hypertensive ratsGonzalez-Marrero, I.; Carmona-Calero, E.; Fernández-Rodríguez, P.; Pérez-González, H.; Ormazabal-Ramos, C.; Castañeyra-Ruíz, L.; Perez-Garcia, C.G.; Martínez de la Peña y Valenzuela, Isabel; Castañeyra-Ruiz, A.; Castañeyra Perdomo, A.; Ferres Torres, R.
1998Histochemical study of skin and gills of Senegal sole, Solea senegalensis larvae and adultsSarasquete, C.; Gonzalez de Canales, M.L.; Arellano, J.M.; Muñoz Cueto, J.A.; Ribeiro, L.; Dinis, M.T.
2008Isolation of high quality protein samples from punches of formalin fixed and paraffin embedded tissue blocksKroll, J.; Becker, K.F.; Kuphal, S.; Hein, R.; Hofstädter, F.; Bosserhoff, A.K.