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2000A nuclear function for the tumor suppressor BRCAI
2007Advances of MUC1 as a target for breast cancer immunotherapy
1994AgNOR and breast cancer. A study by image analysis
2013Apocrine carcinoma of the breast: A comprehensive review
1997Arteria1 microvascularization and breast cancer colonization in bone
2012La asistencia de la enfermera en la visión de mujeres mastectomizadas
2009BRCA1 expression and molecular alterations in familial breast cancer
2013Cancer stem cells in breast cancer
2006Caspase-3 and caspase-6 in ductal breast carcinoma: a descriptive study
2011Cáncer de mama y maternidad
2013Chromosome 16q loss– a genetic key to the understanding of breast carcinogenesis
2013Clinical correlations and prognostic relevance of Fn14 expression in breast carcinoma
2013Clinicopathologic characteristics of STAT1 positive/interleukin-8 negative subgroup in triple negative breast cancer defined by surrogate immunohistochemistry
2012Clinicopathologic features of molecular subtypes of triple negative breast cancer based on immunohistochemical markers
2007Co-expression and prognostic value of gross cystic disease fluid protein 15 and mammaglobin in primary breast cancer
2005Consistent lack of CD34-positive stromal cells in the stroma of malignant breast lesions
2007Controversial relationship between the expression of the RB pathway components and RB protein phosphorylation in human breast cancer
2012Differential expression of FGF family members in a progestin-dependent BT-474 human breast cancer xenograft model
2011Down-regulation of TSG101 by small interfering RNA inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells through the MAPK/ERK signal pathway
2009Dysregulation of Hedgehog, Wnt and Notch signalling pathways in breast cancer