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2012Age-related changes in myosin-V myenteric neurons, CGRP and VIP immunoreactivity in the ileum of rats supplemented with ascorbic acid
1995Age-related changes of aorta in Syrian hamsters of APA strain
2000Aging affects different human muscles in various ways. An image analysis of the histomorphometric characteristics of fiber types in human masseter and vastus lateralis muscles from young adults and the very old
1997Apoptosis in dopaminergic neurons of the human substantia nigra during normal aging
2012Ascorbic acid deficiency accelerates aging of hepatic stellate cells with up-regulation of PPARγ
2015Capacidad funcional y nivel cognitivo de adultos mayores residentes en una comunidad en el sur de Brasil
2014Chronic administration of thiamine pyrophosphate decreases age-related histological atrophic testicular changes and improves sexual behavior in male Wistar rats
2015Cognitive Impairment After Sleep Deprivation Rescued by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Application in Octodon degus
2011De híper frecuentadora a abuela esclava. Estudio de un caso de sobrecarga del cuidador desde el Síndrome de la Abuela Esclava de Guijarro Morales
2019La demanda de turismo accesible para adultos mayores: discapacidad y barreras
2019Determinantes psicossociais do comportamento sedentário dos idosos: estudo qualitativo
1998Effects of alcohol and aging on the cingular (area 24) and frontal (area 6) cortical areas of the mouse
2009Envejecimiento y soledad
2016Estudio sobre la resiliencia en ancianas del Valle de Paraíba, São Paulo, Brasil
4-Jul-2018Fragmentation and vulnerability in Anne Enright's The green road (2015): Collateral casualties of the Celtic Tiger in Ireland
1997Gastric mucosal injury and repair, effect of aging
2004Involution of seminiferous tubules in aged hamsters: an ultrastructural, immunohistochemical and quantitative morphological study
2002Morphological changes in the mink area postrema during growth and under different stages of sexual activity
2019Nutrición en adultos mayores con mala salud oral
2002Physiology and pathophysiology of nitric oxide in the nervous system, with special mention of the islands of Calleja and the circunventricular organs