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2006Application of in vivo cryotechnique to the examination of cells and tissues in living animal organs
2005Immunohistochemical analyses on albumin and immunoglobulin in acute hypertensive mouse kidneys by “in vivo cryotechnique”
2007Immunohistochemical analyses on serum proteins in nephrons of protein-overload mice by in vivo cryotechnique
2005Immunohistochemical localization of phosphatidylcholine in rat mandibular condylar surface and lower joint cavity by cryotechniques
2006Immunohistochemical study of serum albumin in normal and cadmium-treated mouse testis organs by “in vivo cryotechnique”
2009Immunolocalization of serum proteins in xenografted mouse model of human tumor cells by various cryotechniques
1997Membrane skeletons in avian erythrocytes as revealed by the quick-freezing and deep-etching method
1998Morphological studies of glomeruli in obstructive kidneys by confocal laser scanning microscopy and quick-freezing replica method
2001Morphological study of erythrocyte shapes in red pulp of mouse spleens revealed by an in vivo cryotechnique
2007Recent development of in vivo cryotechnique to cryobiopsy for living animals
1996Three-dimensional ultrastructure of in situ membrane skeletons in human erythrocytes by quick-freezing and deep-etching method
2000Topographical difference of cytoskeletal organization in smooth muscle cells of rat duodenum revealed by quick-freezing and deep-etching method
2008Ultrastructural study of human glomerular capillary loops with IgA nephropathy using quick-freezing and deep-etching method