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548801-Tex..5.pdf.jpgsep-2023-Relationship of indicators of ability and experience of military sports skydiving with the psychological state and performance in competition of elite jumpers
98612-Text..3.pdf.jpg24-feb-2023-Validation of quality, perceived value, future practice intention and satisfaction scale of activity charter focused on nautic business development
sustainabi..2.pdf.jpg2-feb-2023-Levels of Sustainability Awareness in Spanish University Students of Nautical Activities as Future Managers of Sports and Active Tourism Programmes
26.ijerph-..2.pdf.jpg30-nov-2021-Influence of the Psychomotor Profile in the Improvement of Learning in Early Childhood Education
Bournot y Kayak Polo.PDF.jpg9-abr-2021-Mood, burnout and dispositional optimism in kayak polo players during their competitive stage
fpsyg-11-6..1.pdf.jpg2021-Effects of an educational hybrid physical education programme on physical fitness, body composition and sedentary and physical activity times in adolescents: The Seneb's Enigma
sustainabi..5.pdf.jpg2021-Sport and Sustainable Development Goals in Spain
Influence of playing position....pdf.jpg2020-Influence of playing position and laterality in centripetal force and changes of direction in elite soccer players.
Using an Inertial Device .pdf.jpg2020-Using an Inertial Device (WIMU PRO) to Quantify Neuromuscular Load in Running Reliability, Convergent Validity, and Influence of Type of Surface and Device Location
CV202006me..n.pdf.jpg2020-Identification of games and sex-related activity profile in junior international badminton
CV201910me..f.pdf.jpg2019-Monopodal Postural Stability Assessment by Wireless Inertial Measurement Units Through the Fast Fourier Transform
External Workload Indicators ....pdf.jpg2019-External Workload Indicators of Muscle and Kidney Mechanical Injury in Endurance Trail Running
Internal and External Demands....pdf.jpg2019-Internal and External Demands in Basketball Referees during the U-16 European Women¿s Championship
CV201906me..d.pdf.jpg2019-Impact of Contextual Factors on External Load During a Congested-Fixture Tournament in Elite U'18 Basketball Players
CV201912me..r.pdf.jpg2019-Player Load and Metabolic Power Dynamics as Load Quantifiers in Soccer
CV201902me..d.pdf.jpg2019-Accuracy and Inter-Unit Reliability of Ultra-Wide-Band Tracking System in Indoor Exercise
CV201913me..y.pdf.jpg2019-The use of technology and sampling frequency to measure variables of tactical positioning in team sports: a systematic review
Accelerometry‐Based External Load Indicators....pdf.jpg2019-Accelerometry-Based External Load Indicators in Sport: Too Many Options, Same Practical Outcome?
CV201920me..n.pdf.jpg2019-Lower-limb Dynamics of Muscle Oxygen Saturation During the Back-squat Exercise Effects of Training Load and Effort Level
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 32