Histology and histopathology: Vol.27, nº 2 (2012) : [14]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Less gelatinases is associated with apolipoprotein E accumulation in glomerulosclerosis ratsZhou, Tian-Biao; Qin, Yuan-Han; Lei, Feng-Ying; Su, Li-Na; Zhao, Jan-Jun; Huang, Wei-Fang
2012Analysis of pituitary gonadotropin concentration in blood serum and immunolocalization and immunoexpression of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone receptors in ovaries of postmenopausal womenBrodowska, A.; Laszczynska, M.; Brodowski, J.; Masiuk, M.; Starczewski, A.
2012Histological features and immune cell changes in skin lesions of engraftment syndrome of children undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantationJang, Kee-Taek; Song, Kye-Yong; Kim, Byoung-Kwon
2012Synchronous and metachronous multiple gastrointestinal stromal tumorsXu, Chen; Liu, Ya-Lan; Yu, Hong-Yu; Hou, Ying-Yong; Lu, Shao-Hua; Zhao, Li-Jun; Zhou, Yang; Shi, Yuan; Tan, Yun-Shan; Zhu, Xiong-Zeng
2012PCDH17 gene promoter demethylation and cell cycle arrest by genistein in gastric cancerYang, Yueqin; Liu, Jia; Li, Xiang; Li, Ji-Cheng
2012Thrombospondin-1 expression in breast cancer: prognostic significance and association with p53 alterations, tumour angiogenesis and extracellular matrix componentsIoachim, E.; Damala, K.; Tsanou, E.; Briasoulis, E.; Papadiotis, E.; Mitselou, Antigony; Charchanti, A.; Doukas, M.; Lampri, L.; Arvanitis, D.L.
2012High MET copy number and MET overexpression: Poor outcome in non-small cell lung cancer patientsPark, Sanghui; Choi, Yoon-La; Sung, Chang Ok; An, Jungsuk; Seo, Jinwon; Ahn, Myung-Ju; Ahn, Jin Seok; Park, Keunchil; Shin, Young Kee; Erkin, Ozgur Cem; Song, Kyung; Kim, Jhingook; Shim, Young Mog; Han, Joungho
2012Local identification of porcine haptoglobin in salivary gland and diaphragmatic muscle tissuesGutiérrez Montes, Ana María; Yelamos, J.; Pallarés Martínez, Francisco José; Gómez Laguna, J.; Cerón Madrigal, José Joaquín
2012The incidence and clinical significance of lymph node micrometastases determined by immunohistochemical staining in stage I - lymph node negative endometrial cancerMcCoy, Amy; Finan, Michael A.; Boudreaux, F.T.; Tucker, J. Alan; Lazarchick, John J.; Donnell, Robert M.; Rocconi, Rodney P.
2012Ascorbic acid deficiency accelerates aging of hepatic stellate cells with up-regulation of PPARγHong, Il-Hwa; Han, Jung-Youn; Goo, Moon-Jung; Hwa, Sung-Young; Ki, Mi-Ran; Park, Jin-Kyu; Hong, Kyung-Sook; Hwang, Ok-Kyung; Kim, Tae-Hwan; Yoo, Sung-Eun; Jeong, Kyu-Shik
2012New models towards assessing anti-cancer therapeuticsRomero Camarero, Isabel; Barajas Diego, Marcos; Castellanos Martín, Andrés; García Martín, Ángel; Varela, Gonzalo; Abad, Mar; Ludeña, María Dolores; Pérez Losada, Jesús; Sánchez García, Isidro
2012Notch: A key regulator of tumor angiogenesis and metastasisGarcia, Alejandro; Kandel, Jessica J.
2012E-cadherin in oral SCC: An analysis of the confusing literature and new insights related to its immunohistochemical expressionVered, Marilena; Allon, Irit; Buchner, Amos; Dayan, Dan
2012Review of renal carcinoma associated with Xp11.2 translocations/TFE3 gene fusions with focus on pathobiological aspectKuroda, Naoto; Mikami, Shuji; Pan, Chin-Chen; Cohen, Ronald J.; Hes, Ondrej; Michal, Michal; Nagashima, Yoji; Tanaka, Yukichi; Inoue, Keiji; Shuin, Taro; Lee, Gang-Hong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14