Histology and histopathology: Vol.26, nº8 (2011) : [13]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Neural stem cell-mediated therapy for rare brain diseases: perspectives in the near future for LSDs and MNDsFilippis, Lidia de
2011Insights into iron and nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) involvement in chronic inflammatory processes in peritoneal endometriosisDefrère, Sylvie; González-Ramos, Reinaldo; Lousse, Jean-Christophe; Colette, Sébastien; Donnez, Olivier; Donnez, Jacques; Van Langendonckt, Anne
2011Ovarian pluripotent/multipotent stem cells and in vitro oogenesis in mammalsVirant-Klun, Irma; Stimpfel, Martin; Skutella, Thomas
2011Isolation of pluripotent stem cells from human third molar dental pulpAtari, M.; Barajas, M.; Hernández-Alfaro, F.; Gil, C.; Fabregat, M.; Ferrés Padró, E.; Giner, L.; Casals, N.
2011Maternal diabetes affects cell proliferation in developing rat placentaZorn, T.M.T.; Zúñiga, M.; Madrid, E.; Tostes, R.; Fortes, Z.; Giachini, F.; San Martín, S.
2011Parafibromin expression in lung normal tissue and carcinoma: its comparison with clinicopathological parameters of carcinomaXia, Pu; Wang, Wei; Xu, Xiao-yan; Wang, Jian-ping; Takano, Yasuo; Zheng, Hua-Chuan
2011Upregulation of the high mobility group AT-hook 2 gene in acute aortic dissection is potentially associated with endothelial-mesenchymal transitionBelge, Gazanfer; Radtke, Arlo; Meyer, Anke; Stegen, Isabel; Richardt, Doreen; Nimzyk, Rolf; Nigam, Vishal; Dendorfer, Andreas; Sievers, Hans H.; Tiemann, Markus; Buchwalow, Igor; Bullerdiek, Joern; Mohamed, Salah A.
2011Sperm ultrastructure of Helicometra epinepheli (Platyhelminthes, Digenea, Opecoelidae), parasite of Epinephelus fasciatus (Pisces, Teleostei)Quilichini, Y.; Foata, J.; Justine, J-L; Bray, R.A.; Marchand, B.
2011De novo expression of the hemoglobin scavenger receptor CD163 by activated microglia is not associated with hemorrhages in human brain lesionsHolfelder, K.; Schittenhelm, J.; Trautmann, K.; Haybaeck, J.; Meyermann, R.; Beschorner, R.
2011Myeloid CD11c+ S100+ dendritic cells express indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase at the inflammatory border to invasive lower lip squamous cell carcinomaKuales, Melanie Alice; Wenzel, Jörg; Schmid-Wendtner, Monika-Hildegard; Bieber, Thomas; Bubnoff, Dagmar von
2011Phenotypic changes and possible angiogenic roles of pericytes during wound healing in the mouse skinMorikawa, Shunichi; Ezaki, Taichi
2011Molecular and morphological characterization of neural tube defects in embryos of diabetic Swiss Albino miceLoh, Wan Ting; Dheen, S. Thameem; Jiang, Boran; Kumar, S. Dinesh; Tay, Samuel S.W.
2011Distribution of Kiaa0319-like immunoreactivity in the adult mouse brain - a novel protein encoded by the putative dyslexia susceptibility gene KIAA0319-likePoon, Ming-Wai; Tsang, Wan-Hong; Waye, Miu-Yee; Chan, Sun-On
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13