Histology and histopathology: Vol.26, nº7 (2011) : [13]  Estadísticas

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Bianchi-26-941-951-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Immunosuppressive cells and tumour microenvironment: Focus on mesenchymal stem cells and myeloid derived suppressor cells
Udayanga-26-811-820-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Immunohistochemical study of the apoptosis process in epidermal epithelial cells of rats under a physiological condition
Conde-de-Felipe-26-923-940-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Cell- and gene-therapy approaches to inner ear repair
Sullivan-26-893-904-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Expression and regulation of nicotine receptor and osteopontin isoforms in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Roda-26-873-881-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Biological effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields on the embryonic central nervous system development. A histological and histochemical study
Fu-26-905-914-2011.pdf.jpg2011-ß-Lapachone accelerates the recovery of burn-wound skin
Garrosa-26-883-892-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Histopathological changes in gerbil liver and kidney after aluminium subchronic intoxication
Gai-26-915-921-2011 (1).pdf.jpg2011-The function of TRPS1 in the development and differentiation of bone, kidney, and hair follicles
Neumann-26-867-872-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Prospective evaluation of the learning curve of confocal laser endomicroscopy in patients with IBD
Faggioli-26-843-853-2011.pdf.jpg2011-C-Reactive protein and embolization during carotid artery stenting. A serological and morphological study
Ina-26-855-866-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Significance of α-SMA in myofibroblasts emerging in renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis
Takacs-26-821-830-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Comparative immunohistochemical study of tissue integration of macroporous and laminar surgical meshes
Santin-26-831-842-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Different patterns of apoptosis in response to cisplatin in B50 neuroblastoma rat cells
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 13 de 13