Histology and histopathology: Vol.20, nº 3 (2005) : [38]  Estadísticas

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Expression of muscarinic acetylcholine.pdf.jpg2005-Expression of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (M1-, M2-, M3- and M4-type) in the neuromuscular junction of the newborn and adult rat
Detection of transforming growth factora.pdf.jpg2005-Detection of transforming growth factor-a and epidermal growth factor receptor mRNA and immunohistochemical localization of the corresponding proteins in the canine uterus during the estrous cycle
Thyrotropinreleasing hormone receptor expression in.pdf.jpg2005-Thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor expression in thyroid follicular cells: a new paracrine role of C-cells?
Ferroportin is expressed on the.pdf.jpg2005-Ferroportin is expressed on the mucous granule membrane of a subpopulation of goblet cells in the duodenum of the rat
Immunohistochemical analyses.pdf.jpg2005-Immunohistochemical analyses on albumin and immunoglobulin in acute hypertensive mouse kidneys by “in vivo cryotechnique”
Immunohistochemical localization.pdf.jpg2005-Immunohistochemical localization of senescence marker protein-30 (SMP30) in the submandibular gland and ultrastructural changes of the granular duct cells in SMP30 knockout mice
Consistent lack of CD34positive stromal.pdf.jpg2005-Consistent lack of CD34-positive stromal cells in the stroma of malignant breast lesions
Nuclear reprogramming and adult stem cell potential.pdf.jpg2005-Nuclear reprogramming and adult stem cell potential
The early birds natural IgM.pdf.jpg2005-The “early birds”: natural IgM antibodies and immune surveillance
New aspects on the role of.pdf.jpg2005-New aspects on the role of lipoxygenases in cancer progression
Immunohistochemical investigation of.pdf.jpg2005-Immunohistochemical investigation of amyloid ß-protein (Aß) in the brain of aged cats
Karyotypic analysis of adult pluripotent stem cells.pdf.jpg2005-Karyotypic analysis of adult pluripotent stem cells
The diverse signaling network of EGFR.pdf.jpg2005-The diverse signaling network of EGFR, HER2, HER3 and HER4 tyrosine kinase receptors and the consequences for therapeutic approaches
Role of oxidative damage in the pathogenesis.pdf.jpg2005-Role of oxidative damage in the pathogenesis of viral infections of the nervous system
Dynamics of bone marrow changes in.pdf.jpg2005-Dynamics of bone marrow changes in patients with chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis following allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Immunological and molecular aspects of.pdf.jpg2005-Immunological and molecular aspects of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C virus infection
Detection of CX3CR1 single nucleotide polymorphism.pdf.jpg2005-Detection of CX3CR1 single nucleotide polymorphism and expression on archived eyes with age-related macular degeneration
Musclederived stem cells in tissue engineering.pdf.jpg2005-Muscle-derived stem cells in tissue engineering: defining cell properties suitable for construct design
Role of prostaglandin E2 receptor.pdf.jpg2005-Role of prostaglandin E2 receptor subtypes in ovarian follicle growth in the rat in vivo. Correlation with interleukin-8 and neutrophils
Histopathologic features of the vagus.pdf.jpg2005-Histopathologic features of the vagus nerve after electrical stimulation in swine
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 38