Histology and histopathology: Vol.18, nº 1 (2003) : [32]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A COX-2 inhibitor, nimesulide, inhibits chemically-induced rat tongue carcinogenesis through suppression of cell proliferation activity and COX-2 and iNOS expressionYoshida, K.; Tanaka, T.; Kohno, H.; Sakata, K.; Kawamori, T.; Mori, H.; Wakabayashi, K.
2003Mitosin, a novel marker of cell proliferation and early recurrence in intracranial meningiomasKonstantinidou, A.E.; Korkolopoulou, P.; Kavantzas, N.; Mahera, H.; Thymara, I.; Kotsiakis, X.; Perdiki, M.; Patsouris, Efstratios; Davaris, P.
2003Molecular biology of glioma tumorigenesisWare, M.L.; Berger, M.S.; Binder, D.K.
2003Molecular pathogenesis of urothelial bladder cancerTheodorescu, D.
2003Scanning electron microscopic examinations on retarded bone defect healing in spontaneously diabetic BB/O(ttawa)K(arlsburg) ratsFollak, N.; Klöting, I.; Ganzer, D.; Merk, H.
2003Expression of retinoblastoma gene product in respiratory epithelium and sinonasal neoplasms: relationship with p16 and cyclin D1 expressionSchwerer, M.J.; Sailer, A.; Kraft, K.; Baczako, K.; Maier, H.
2003A comparison between double and triple therapies of octreotide, galanin and serotonin on a rat colon carcinomaSitohy, B.; El-Salhy, M.
2003Review of metanephric adenoma of the kidney with focus focus on clinical and pathobiological aspectsKuroda, K.; Toi, M.; Hiroi, Makoto; Enzan, H.
2003Review of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspectsKuroda, Naoto; Toi, M.; Hiroi, Makoto; Enzan, H.
2003Immunohistochemical localization of truncated midkine in developing human bile ductsKato, Massuo J.; Shinozawa, T.; Kato, S.; Terada, T.
2003Case report, esophageal collision tumor (oat cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma) in Barrett´s esophagus: immunohistochemical, electron microscopy and LOH analysisGonzález, L.M.; Sanz Esponera, J.; Saez, C.; Alvarez, T.; Sierra, E.; Sanz Ortega, J.
2003PTTG and cancerHamid, T.; Kakar, S.S.
2003Distinct expression of calnexin in major human salivary glandsGassler, N.; Bohn, J.; Schnölzer, M.; Scheuerer, J.; Obermüller, N.; Otto, H.F.; Autschbachl, F.
2003Morphological hysteresis of the small airwaysEscolar Castellón, J.de D.; Escolar, M.A.; Guzmán, J.; Roqués, M.
2003Diagnostic differentiation of essential thrombocythaemia from thrombocythaemias associated with chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis by discriminate analysis of bone marrow features - a clinicopathological study on 272 patientsThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.
2003The immunohistochemical expression of metallothionein in inflammatory bowel disease. Correlation with HLA-DR antigen expression, lymphocyte subpopulations and proliferation-associated indicesLoachim, E.; Michael, M.; Katsanos, C.; Demou, A.; Tsianos, E.V.
2003Angiogenesis after sintered bone implantation in rat parietal boneOhtsubo, S.; Matsuda, Mikio; Takekawa, M.
2003Molecular therapeutics in prostate cancerNicholson, B.; Theodorescu, D.
2003Exploring the connection between chronic renal fibrosis and bone morphogenic protein-7Kalluri, R.; Zeisberg, M.
2003Postnatal development of female sheep pineal gland under natural inhibitory photoperiods: an immunocytochemical and physiological (melatonin concentration) studyRedondo, E.; Regodón, S.; Masot, A.J.; Gázquez, A.; Franco, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32