Histology and histopathology: Vol. 9, nº 2 (1994) : [23]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994The fate of the luminal asymmetric unit membrane of the superficial cell of the rat transitional epitheliumZhang, S.X.; Seguchi, H.
1994Age-dependent changes in the function and morphology of mitochondria of rat adrenal zona fasciculataMarkowska, A.; Rebuffat, P.; Gottardo, Giuseppe; Mazzocchi, G.; Nussdorfer, G.G.
1994The distribution of corticotropin-releasing factor immunoreactive neurons and nerve fibres in the brain of Gambusia affinis and Salmo truttaCoto-Montes, A.; García-Fernández, J.M.; Del Brío, M.A.; Riera, P.
1994Serotonin immunoreacmtivitiyn the carotid body of adult humansHabec, J.; Pallot, D.J.; Kummer, W.
1994Transitional papillary cell carcinoma of the ureter, a histological and ultrastructural studyMelis, M.; Petrozza, V.; Pulvirenti, S.; Eleuteri, E.; Mosca, A.; Angelini, L.; Carpino, F.
1994Influence of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone LHRH, treatment on cellular proliferation in the rat anterior pituitaryCarbajo, S.; Gonzalez, F.; López-Muñiz, A.; Carbajo-Pérez, E.
199465 Zn in studies of the neurobiology of ZincVera-Gil, A.; Perez-Castejon, M.C.
1994Astrocytes in brain tumours. Differentiation or trappingEscalona Zapata, J.
1994Neutrophil interaction with tumour cells in small early gastric cancer, ultrastructural observationsCaruso, R.A.; Speciale, G.; Inferrera, C.
1994Effects of prostaglandin Eq on the ultrastructure of the golden hamster parathyroid glandEmura, S.; Utsumi, M.; Hayakawa, D.; Yamahira, T.; Terasawa, K.; Tamada, A.; Isono, H.; Shoumura, S.
1994Carbohydrates and soluble lectins in the regulation of cell adhesion and proliferationZanetta, J.P.; Badache, A.; Maschke, S.; Marschal, P.; Kuchler, S.
1994AgNOR and breast cancer. A study by image analysisRonco, A.; Larran, J.; Lopez, A.; Vilches, J.
1994Human eosinophils in vitro. An ultrastructural morphology primerDvorak, A. M.; Ishizaka, T.
1994Zinc in hypothalamus and hypophysis of the ratPérez-Castejon, C.; Vera-Gil, A.; Barral, M.J.; Perez-Castejon, M.J.; Lahoz, M.
1994Morphometrical changes in the rat thymic lymphoid cells after treatment with two different doses of estradiol benzoateMartin, A.; Alonso, L.M.; Gomez del Moral, M.; Zapata, A.G.
1994Pathological findings in a cat with cryptococcosis and feline immunodeficience virus infectionRamos-Vara, J.A.; Ferrer, L.; Visa, J.
1994Primary biliary cirrhosis PBC, antigen-presenting cells differ in their distribution in early and late stage PBC and involve the ductal...Rontogianni, D.; Gerber, H.; Zimmermann, Astrid
1994Morphology and changes in Clara cells in the foetal bronchioles of Swiss miceBlanco, A.; Mendez, A.; Carrasco, L.; Bautista, María José; Sierra, M. A.
1994ImmunohistochemicaI-morphometric study of the LH-adenohypophyseal cells following chronic treatment with met-enkephalinRubio, M.; Sanchez, F.; Carretero, J.; Riesco, J. M.; Cabo, L.; Vazquez, R.
1994Glycosaminoglycan-sac formation in vitro. Interactions between normal and malignant cellsLogothetou-Rella, H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23