Histology and histopathology: Vol. 6, nº 3 (1991) : [20]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991An electron microscopic and biochemical study of the effects of cyclic 3', 5'- AMP, ergotamine or propanolol on the lysosomes of newborn rat hepatocytesKotoulas, Angeliki O.; Kotoulas, Othon B.; Kalamidas, Stefanos
1991Serotonin immunoreactivity in the intermediate lobe of the rat pituitaryCarvajal, J.C.; Carbajo, S.; Carbajo-Pérez, E.; Castro, S.; Rodríguez, J.
1991Uterine Müllerian adenosarcoma with histiocytic (xanthomatous) mesenchymal componentReymundo García, C.; Toro Rojas, M.; Morales Jiménez, G.; López Beltrán, A.; Nogales Ortíz, F.
1991Helicobacter pylori in Barrett's esophagusFerreres, Joan-Carles; Fernández, Fidel; Rodríguez Vives, Agustín; González-Rodilla, Irene; Ursúa, Inmaculada; Ramos, Rafael; Val-Bernal, José Fernando
1991Alkaline phosphatase, 5'-nucleotidase and magnesium-dependent adenosine triphosphatase activities in the transitional epithelium of the rat urinary bladderZhang, S.X.; Kobayahsi, T.; Okada, T.; García del Saz, E.; Seguchi, H.
1991Circadian and seasonal variations in pineal gland intercellular canaliculi in the white ratMartínez Soriano, F.; Cimas García, C.; Ruíz Torner, A.
1991Morphological examination of epididymal epithelium in the mule (E. hinnus) in comparison with parental species (E. asinus and E. caballus)Arrighi, S.; Romanello, M.G.; Domeneghini, C.
1991Diencephalic origin of the pineal gland of the chicken embryoAige-Gil, Vicente; Murillo-Ferrol, Narciso
1991An immunocytochemical study of effects of light deprivation on prolactin cells in the adenohypophysis of the golden hamsterSeu-Mei Wang; Chuen-Lan Liu
1991Decalcification by perfusion. A new method for rapid softening of temporal bonesNilsson, Magnus; Hellström, Sten; Albiin, Nils
1991Electron microscopic observations on the pecten of the great blue heron (Ardea Herodias)Braekevelt, Charlie R.
1991Malignant blue nevus. Report of four new cases and review of the literatureBoi, S.; Barbareschi, M.; Vigl, E.; Cristofolini, M.
1991Myofibroblasts and myoepithelial cells in the chicken Harderian glandCacho, Emilio del; Gallego, Margarita; Felices, Carlos; Bascuas, J.A.
1991Leukocyte immunophenotypes in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and peripheral blood of paracoccidioidomycosis, sarcoidosis and silicosisTapia, F.J.; Goihman-Yahr, M.; Cáceres-Dittmar, G.; Altieri, E.; Gross, Ana; Isturiz, G.; Rosquete, R.; Viloria, N.; Ávila-Millán, E.; Carrasquero, M.; Borges, N.S.; Fernández, B.P.de; Rothenberg, A.; Albornoz, M.B.de; Pereira, J.; Gómez, M.H.de; San Martín, B.; Román, A.de; Bretaña, A.
1991Electron microscopic study of the effects of endotoxin on the cells of the hepatic sinusoid in normal and BCG sensitized miceMcCuskey, Patricia A.; McCuskey, Robert S.
1991Natural killer cells in meningiomasVaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Pontón, P.; Oya, S.; Arias, A.
1991Effect of nitrendipine, a calcium antagonist, on cell volumen in rat salivary glands after isoproterenol stimulationCarter, Laurie C.; Nickerson, Peter A.
1991Structural study of spongiosa tissue in growing sheepGuillén, M.T.; Franco, A.; Robina, A.; Gázquez, A.
1991Endocrine profile in gastric carcinomas An immunohistochemical studyBerner, Aasmund; Nesland, Jahn M.
1991Pathological changes in dendrites of substantia nigra neurons in Parkinson's disease: a Golgi studyPatt, Stephan; Gertz, Hermann-Josef; Gerhard, Lieselotte; Cervós-Navarro, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20