Histology and histopathology: Vol. 5, nº 1 (1990) : [15]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Canine capillary formation in vitroLogothetou-Rella, H.; Nesland, Jahn M.; Kipiotis, D.; Paraschou, E.; Sechas, M.; Varonos, D.D.
1990Proliferation and distribution of adrenocortical cells in the gland of ACTH- or dexamethasone-treated ratsStachowiak, A.; Nussdorfer, G.G.; Malendowicz, L.K.
1990Degree of correspondence between contractile and oxidative capacities in horse muscle fibre, a histochemical studyLópez-Rivero, J.L.; Agüera, E.; Rodríguez Barbudo, M. V.; Galisteo, A. M.; Morales-López, J. L.
1990An immunohistochemical study on the distribution of endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the musk shrew, Suncus murinusNobuo Kitamura; Junzo Yamada; Tohru Watanabe; Tadayuki Yamashita
1990Ultrastructure of the parathyroid glandHideo Isono; Shizuko Shoumura; Shoichi Emura
1990Frog stomach enteric plexuses in culture, isolation, morphological characterization and bioelectrical recordingsAzanza, M.J.; Peg, M.T.; Junquera, C.; Aisa, J.; Martínez Ciriano, C.; Blasco, J.
1990Electron microscopic study of the parathyroid gland of the calcium-treated hamster subjected to hypergravity environmentShizuko Shoumura; Shoichi Emura; Tomo Yamahira; Huayue Chen; Kenjiro Kanbara; Michio Arakawa; Hideo Isono; Noriko Ishizaki
1990Cytoarchitecture of the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in the rabbitCarmona Martos, R.; Abadía Molina, F.; Calvente Iglesias, R.; Abadía Fenoll, F.
1990Morphological studies of cytotoxic lesions in reversible endotoxic shockGarcía, R.; Díaz-Laviada, l.; Bosch, M.A.; Abarca, S.; Portolés, M.T.; Risco, C.; Ainaga, M.J.; Pagani, R.; Municio, A.M.; Escalona, J.
1990Two modes of cell migration in the ventral horn of the spinal cord in the chick embryo. A Golgy studyDorado, M. E.; Chrnielewski, C.E.; Quesada, A.; Genís-Gálvez, J. M.; Prada, F. A.
1990Vasopressinergic neurons and the associated blood vessels in the rat anterior hypothalamus, an immunohistochemical studyRay, Prajnan K.; Roy Choudhury, S.
1990Subcutaneous fat necrosis of newborn childrenSalas Valién, J.S.; Ribas Ariño, M.T.; Egido Romo, M.; Palau Benavides, M.T.
1990Postnatal development of the dog pineal gland. Light microscopyCalvo, J.L.; Boya, J.; García-Mauriño, A.; López Carbonell, A.
1990Histopathology of the spleen in non-Hodgkin´s lymphomavan Krieken, J.H.J.M.
1990Prevention by aluminium phosphate of gastric lesions induced by ethanol in the rat, role of endogenous prostaglandins and sulfhydrylsDuchateau, Alain; Thiefinl, Gérard; Varin-Bischoff, Sophie; Garbe, Edouard; Zeitoun, Paul
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15