Histology and histopathology: Vol. 3, nº 4 (1988) : [13]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Neuroendocrine lung structures and tumours, immunohistochemical study by specific markersMosca, L.; Barbareschi, M.; Mauri, M.F.; Munguia-Barrera, J.; Frigo, B.; Muscara, M.; Valentini, L.; Mariscotti, C.
1988Changes in bone mineralization pattern, a response to local stimulus in maxilla and mandible of dogsBuchanan, Mary; Sandhu, H.S.; Anderson, Colin
1988Abnormal development of the notochord and perinotochordal sheath in duplicitas posterior, patch and tail-short miceCenter, Elizabeth M.; Marcus, Normala M.; Wilson, D.B.
1988Effects of long-term hypothyroidism in the morphology and synaptic organization of cerebellar ectopic granule cellsMadeira, M.D.; Azevedo, F.P.; Paula-Barbosa, M.M.
1988Electron microscopic observations on the formation of elastic fibres in cultures of aortic medial cells and adventitial cellsMasumi Akita; Katsuji Kaneko; Merker, H. J.
1988Effects of relaxin on the microvasculature of mouse mammary glandBani, Gastone; Bani-Sacchi, Tatiana; Bigazzi, Mario; Bianchi, Stefano
1988Influence of age on the production of rat spermatozoa, on their concentration in the cauda epididymidis, and on FSH, LH and testosterone plasma levelsLarnano Carvalho, T.L.; Favaretto, A.L.V.; Kornesu, M.C.; Lopes, R.A.; Petenusci, S.O.; Silva-Netto, C.R
1988Dense cored vesicles in presynaptic profiles of the rabbit dorsal lateral geniculate nucleusContamina, P.; Ariño, M.P.; Parra, P.; Martínez Millán, L.
1988Structural and ultrastructural hepatic changes in experimental canine leishmaniasisGonzález, J.L.; Rollán, E.; Novoa, C.; Castaño, M.
1988The lectin binding pattern of normal and pathologically altered synovial tissueZschabitz, A.; Stofft, E.
1988Influence of nicotine and caffeine on rat embryonic developmentNash, J.E.; Persaud, T.V.N.
1988Electron microscopic pathological patterns of alveolar septum in acute dextran-induced and alloxan-induced pulmonary edema in dogsKoji Nakahara; Michio Arakawa; Kenjiro Kambara; Hiroshi Oda; Senri Hirakawa; Shizuko Shoumura; Hideo Isono
1988Leiomyosarcomas, Three cases with desmin positive tumour cells, lacking ultrastructural features of smooth muscle cellsRoholl, Paul J.M.; De Jong, Anton S.H.; Albus-Luttei, Cherry E.; van Unnik, Jan A.M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13