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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986The development of the neurons of the glossopharyngeal (1x1 and vagal (X) sensory ganglia in chick embryosHiscock, Jennifer; Straznicky, Charles
1986Gastric cancer preceeded by severe dysplasiaTakeo Nagayo
1986An islet of Langerhans located within the epithelium of a human pancreatic ductSwartz, Frank J.; Carstens, Per H.B.
1986Ultrastructure of striated muscle fibers in the middle third of the human esophagusFaussone-Pellegrini, M.S; Cortesini, C.
1986A multihormonal tumor of the pancreas producing neurotensin associated with the WDHA syndrome. Histology, histochemistry and originBani-Sacchi, Tatiana; Bartolini, Giancarlo; Biliotti, Giancarlo
1986HBsAg, HBcAg and Delta-Ag in liver tissue: simultaneous visualization in a single tissue section by triple immunostainingFacchetti, Fabio; Tardanico, Regina; Bonetti, Maria F.; Guerini, Agostino; Callea, Francesco
1986Further characterization of spontaneous arthritic changes in murine squamo-mandibular joint: histopathological aspectsLivne, E.; Silbermann, M.
1986Comparative cytospectrophotometry of Wright-stained erythroid cells of vertebratesShigeyoshi Kamo; Hisashi Takeuchi; Masa-oki Yamada
1986Ultrastructure of the renal corpuscle of Testudo graeca Chelonia. A comparison between hibernating and non-hibernating animals.Zuasti, A.; Ferrer, C.; Ballesta, José; Pastor García, Luis Miguel
1986Morphological differentiation of mitochondria in the early chick embryo: a stereological analysisPaz, P. de; Zapata, A.; Renau-Piqueras, J.; Miragal, F.