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s10653-021-01030-w.pdf.jpg2022-Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) topsoil levels and incidence of childhood leukemias
PIIS0163445321006307.pdf.jpg2022-Confirmation of SARS-CoV-2 airborne dissemination indoors using "COVID-19 traps"
fphys-12-710887 (1).pdf.jpgsep-2021-Physicochemical and Functional Characterization of Female Reproductive Fluids: A Report of the First Two Infants Born Following Addition of Their Mother's Fluids to the Embryo Culture Media
nutrients-13-00843-v2 (2).pdf.jpgmar-2021-Self-reported DHA supplementation during pregnancy and its association with obesity or gestational diabetes in relation to DHA concentration in cord and maternal plasma: results from NELA, a prospective mother-offspring cohort.
urban_green.pdf.jpg2021-Urban green spaces and childhood leukemia incidence: a population-based case-control study in Madrid
1-s2.0-S0013935120308057-main.pdf.jpgoct-2020-Environment, lifestyle behavior and health-related quality of life in childhood and adolescent cancer survivors of extracranial malignancies
1-s2.0-S0261561419301876-main_accepted.pdf.jpgabr-2020-Altered materno-fetal transfer of 13C-polyunsaturated fatty acids in obese pregnant women.
contaminacion_atmosférica_ingresos.pdf.jpg27-feb-2020-Contaminación atmosférica urbana e ingresos hospitalarios por asma y enfermedades respiratorias agudas en la ciudad de Murcia (España)
Articulonu..a.pdf.jpg2020-The Evolving Microbiome from Pregnancy to Early Infancy: A Comprehensive Review
1-s2.0-S1353829219302850-main.pdf.jpg2020-My partner and my neighbourhood: the built environment and social networks' impact on alcohol consumption during early pregnancy
2020 HERNIA.pdf.jpg2020-Risk factors and management of incisional hernia after cytoreduction and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in patients with peritoneal surface malignancies.
c988a71c-52d5-496b-b2d5-dd3e8a0a2c1d (1).pdf.jpgoct-2019-In vivo kinetic study of materno-fetal fatty acid transfer in obese and normal weight pregnant women
2020 AJT CDC.pdf.jpg22-jul-2019-Controlled donation after circulatory death up to 80 years for liver transplantation: Pushing the limit again
1-s2.0-S0266613819301949-main.pdf.jpg2019-Sociocultural aspects of drug dependency during early pregnancy and considerations for screening: Case studies of social networks and structural violence
1-s2.0-S0013935119304864-main.pdf.jpg2019-Secondhand smoke: a new and modifiable prognostic factor in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemias
2019 CEM PSDSS RECURRENCIAS.pdf.jpg2019-Peritoneal Surface Disease Severity Score (PSDSS), AGO-score and TIAN model in patients with platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer treated by cytoreductive surgery plus HIPEC
in press.pdf.jpg2019-Accuracy of anogenital distance and anti-Müllerian hormone in the diagnosis of endometriosis without surgery
ortega-garcía-et-al-2018-full-breastfeeding-and-obesity-in-children-a-prospective-study-from-birth-to-6-years.pdf.jpg2018-Full Breastfeeding and Obesity in Children: A Prospective Study from Birth to 6 Years
2018 CURRENT PRACTICE GECOP EJSO.pdf.jpg2018-Current practice in cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for metastatic peritoneal disease: Spanish multicentric survey
AGD_SOP_ROC_RBMOnline_proof.pdf.jpg2018-Assessment of anogenital distance as a diagnostic tool in polycystic ovary syndrome
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 25