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Dionaea - PlantScience para Open Acces.pdf.jpgsep-2018-Digestive glands extraction and precise pigment analysis support the exclusion of the carnivorous plant Dionaea muscipula Ellis from the Caryophyllales order
Gut microbiota and neurological diseases DIGITUM.pdf.jpg12-jul-2018-Impact of gut microbiota on neurological diseases: Diet composition and novel treatments.
The first comprehensive....pdf.jpg20192019The first comprehensive phylogenetic and biochemical analysis of NADH diphosphatases reveals that the enzyme from Tuber melanosporum is highly active towards NAD+
Proteomics and Metabolomics in Thyroid Cancer DIGITUM.pdf.jpg30-oct-2017-High-resolution proteomics and metabolomics in thyroid cancer: Deciphering novel biomarkers
BBA 2018.pdf.jpgmar-2018-Macrovipecetin, a C-type lectin from Macrovipera lebetina venom, inhibits proliferation migration and invasion of SK-MEL-28 human melanoma cells and enhances their sensitivity to cisplatin
polymers-11-00801.pdf.jpg30-abr-2019-A way to increase the bioaccesibility and photostability of roflumilast, a COPD treatment, by cyclodextrin monomers
Ellagic.pdf.jpg15-jun-2018-Ellagic acid–borax fluorescence interaction: application for novel cyclodextrin-borax nanosensors for analyzing ellagic acid in food samples
J cell biochem 2010.pdf.jpg1-jun-2010-Mechanism of Dihydrofolate Reductase Downregulation in Melanoma by 3-O-(3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzoyl)-(-)-Epicatechin
Study of oxyresveratrol complexes.pdf.jpg17-dic-2019-Study of oxyresveratrol complexes with insoluble cyclodextrin based nanosponges: Developing a novel way to obtain their complexation constants and application in an anticancer study
Distinctive.pdf.jpg2018-Distinctive physiological and molecular responses to cold stress among cold-tolerant and cold-sensitive Pinus halepensis seed sources