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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Changes in intestinal endocrine cells in the mouse after unilateral cervical vagotomyQian, B.F.; El-Salhy, M.; Danielsson, A.; Shalaby, A.; Axelsson, H.
2010Chronic morpho-functional damage as a consequence of transient ischemia-reperfusion injury of the small bowelMorini, Sergio; Elias, Georg; Brown, Melisa; Subbotin, Vladimir; Rastellini, Cristiana; Cicalese, Luca
1999Correspondence of gradual developmental increases of expression of galectin-reactive glycoconjugates with alterations of the total contents of the two differentially regulated galectins in chicken intestine and liver as indication for overlapping functionsLips, K.S.; Kaltner, H.; Reuter, G.; Stierstorfer, B.; Sinowatz, F.; Gabius, H.J.
2002Effects of irradiation on intestinal cells in vivo and in vitroWróblewski, R.; Wróblewski, J.; Jalnäs, M.; Van Decker, G.; Björk, J.; Roomans, G.M.
2007Epithelial apoptosis in mechanistically distinct methods of injury in the murine small intestineVyas, D.; Robertson, C.M.; Stromberg, P.E.; Martin, J.R.; Dunne, W.M.; Houchen, C.W.; Barrett, T.A.; Ayala, A.; Perl, M.; Buchman, T.G.; Coopersmith, C.M.
2008Ets transcription factors in intestinal morphogenesis, homeostasis and diseaseJedlicka, Paul; Gutierrez-Hartmann, Arthur
2005Ferroportin is expressed on the mucous granule membrane of a subpopulation of goblet cells in the duodenum of the ratOates, P.S.; Thomas, C.
1996ldentification of the interstitial cells of CajalKomuro, T.; Tokui, K.; Zhou, D.S.
1999Radioautographic studies on radiosulfate incorporation in the digestive organs of miceNagata, T.; Morita, T.; Kawahara, I.