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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Abnormal collagen deposition in synovia after collagen type V immunization in rabbitsTsuzuki Ichicawa Ogido, Luciana; Walcy Rosolia, Teodoro; Pereira Velosa, Ana Paula; De Oliveira, Cristiane Carla; Roger Parra, Edwin; Capelozzi, Vera Luiza; Hajime Yoshinari, Natalino
1999Cytokines and pulmonary inflammatory and immune diseasesXing, Z.; Jordana, M.; Gauldie, J.; Wang, J.
2008Diabetic nephropathy inflammation, hyaluronan and interstitial fibrosisLewis, Aled; Steadman, Robert; Manley, Paul; Craig, Kathrine; Motte, Carol de la; Hascall, Vicent; Phillips, Aled O.
2011Halofuginone and muscular dystrophyPines, Mark; Halevy, Orna
2004Interaction between cell and extracellular matrix in heart disease: Multiple roles of tenascin-C in tissue remodelingImanaka-Yoshida, K.; Hiroe, M.; Yoshida, T.
2009Liver growth factor antifibrotic activity in vivo is associated with a decrease in activation of hepatic stellate cellsDíaz-Gil, Juan J.; García-Monzón, Carmelo; Rúa, Carmen; Martín Sanz, Paloma; Cereceda, Rosa M.; Miquilena-Colina, María E.; Machín, Celia; Fernández Martínez, Amalia; García Cañero, Rafael
2011Matrix metalloproteinases and their role in the renal epithelial mesenchymal transitionAresu, L.; Benali, S.; Garbisa, S.; Gallo, E.; Castagnaro, M.
2010Oxidized regenerated cellulose does not prevent the formation of experimental postoperative perineural fibrosis assessed by digital analysisHernández Cortés, Pedro; Peregrina, Magdalena; Aneiros Fernández, José; Tassi, Mohamed; Pajares López, Miguel; Toledo, Miguel; O’Valle, Francisco
2004Pathological changes in the liver of a senescence accelerated mouse strain (SAMP8): A mouse model for the study of liver diseasesYe, X.; Meeker, H.C.; Kozlowski, P.B.; Wegiel, J.; Wang, K.C.; Imaki, H.; Carp, R.I.
2001Post translational activation of latent transforming growth factor beta (L-TGF-O): clinical implicationsKhalil, N.
2008Presence of perivenular elastic fibers in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Fibrosis Stage IIINakayama, Hirofumi; Itoh, Hiroyuki; Kunita, Satoko; Kuroda, Naoto; Hiroi, Makoto; Matsuura, Hideo; Yasui, Wataru; Enzan, H.
2007Role of fibrosis-related genes and pancreatic duct obstruction in rat pancreatitis models: Implications for chronic pancreatitisMiyauchi, M.; Suda, K.; Kuwayama, C.; Abe, H.; Kakinuma, C.
2000Role of myofibroblasts during normal tissue repair and excessive scarring:Interest of their assessment in nephropathiesBadid, C.; Mounier, N.; Costa, A.M.A.; Desmoulière, A.
2008The anti-fibrotic effect of liver growth factor is associated with decreased intrahepatic levels of matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 and transforming growth factor beta 1 in bile duct-ligated ratsDíaz-Gil, Juan J.; García-Monzón, Carmelo; Rúa, Carmen; Martín Sanz, Paloma; Cereceda, Rosa M.; Machín, Celia; Fernández Martínez, Amalia; Miquilena-Colina, María E.; García Cañero, Rafael
1997The contribution of type II pneumocytes and alveolar macrophages to fibroplasia processes in the course of enzymatic lung injurySulkowska, M.; Sulkowski, S.
1997The hepatic perisinusoidal stellate cellKawada, N.
5-Sep-2011Los tres pilares del tratamiento en fibrosis quística: antibioterapia, fisioterapia, nutrición/ Federación Española contra la Fibrosis Quística (ed.): Reseña bibliográfica.Jiménez Ávila, Bernabé
2007Tubular changes in obstructed kidney of adult mice evaluated using immunohistochemistry for segment-specific markerKida, Y.; Sato, T.
2004Upregulation of fibronectin but not of entactin, collagen IV and smooth muscle actin by anaphylatoxin C5a in rat hepatic stellate cellsSchlaf, G.; Schmitz, M.; Heine, I.; Demberg, T.; Götze, O.