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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Development and phenotypic characterization of a high density in vitro model of auricular chondrocytes with applications in reconstructive plastic surgeryHaisch, A.; Marzahn, U.; Mobasheri, A.; Schulze-Tanzil, G.; Shakibaei, M.
2002Effects of the antirheumatic remedy Hox alpha - a new stinging nettle leaf extract - on matrix metalloproteinases in human chondrocytes in vitroSchulze-Tanzil, C.; Souza,; Behnke, B.; Klingelhoefer, S.; Scheid, A.; Shakibaei, M.
2002Glucose transport and metabolism in chondrocytes: a key to understanding chondrogenesis, skeletal development and cartilage degradation in osteoarthritisMobasheri, A.; Vannucci, S.J.; Bondy, C.A.; Carter, S.D.; Innes, J.F.; Arteaga, M.F.; Trujillo, E.; Ferraz, I.; Shakibaei, M.; Martín Vasallo, P.
2005Hypoxia inducible factor-1 and facilitative glucose transporters GLUT1 and GLUT3: Putative molecular components of the oxygen and glucose sensing apparatus in articular chondrocytesMobasheri, A.; Richardson, S.; Mobasheri, R.; Shakibaei, M.; Hoyland, J.A.
1993Integrins in ageing cartilage tissue in vitroShakibaei, M.; Abou-Fiebye, H.; Merker, H. J.
2007Interleukin-18 induces apoptosis in human articular chondrocytesJohn, T.; Kohl, B.; Mobasheri, A.; Ertel, W.; Shakibaei, M.
2004Interleukin-1ß-induced expression of the urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor and its co-localization with MMPs in human articular chondrocytesSchwab, W.; Schulze-Tanzil, G.; Mobasheri, A.; Dressler, J.; Kotzsch, M.; Shakibaei, M.
2013Is tendinitis an inflammatory disease initiated and driven by pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin 1ß?Mobasheri, Ali; Shakibaei, M.
1995lntegrin expression on epiphyseal mouse chondrocytes in monolayer cultureShakibaei, M.
1993Matrix changes during long-term cultivation of cartilage, organoid or high-density culturesShakibaei, M.; Schroter-Kermanil, Chr.; Merker, H. J.
2009Mesenchymal stem cells in connective tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: Applications in cartilage repair and osteoarthritis therapyMobasheri, A.; Csaki, C.; Clutterbuck, A.L.; Rahmanzadeh, M.; Shakibaei, M.
2004Post-genomic applications of tissue microarrays: basic research, prognostic oncology, clinical genomics and drug discoveryMobasheri, A.; Airley, R.; Foster, C.S.; Schulze-Tanzil, G.; Shakibaei, M.
1995Synovial and peritoneal macrophages in organoid cultureMohamed-Ali, H.; Souza,; Shakibaei, M.; Hecker-Kia, A.; Kolkenbrock, H.J.; Merker, H. J.
2003ß1-integrins co-localize with Na, K-ATPase, epithelial sodium channels (ENaC) and voltage activated calcium channels (VACC) in mechanoreceptor complexes of mouse limb-bud chondrocytesShakibaei, M.; Mobasheri, A.