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A8 (1987) p 103-115.pdf.jpg1987-Paro y discriminación en la economía murciana
A8 (1987) p 77-100.pdf.jpg1987-Causas y efectos de la productividad murciana en relación con la española
wp-umufae_2008-01.pdf.jpgsep-2006-Vertical Transmission of Consumption Behavior and the Distribution of Surnames
Pedro.2009-02.pdf.jpgabr-2009abr-2009Firms’ Main Market, Human Capital, and Wages
WPUMUFAE.2009.03.pdf.jpg16-jun-2009may-2009Artistic Creation and Intellectual Property
WPUMUFAE.2009.04.pdf.jpg23-jun-2009jun-2009Extending the New Keynesian Monetary Model with Information Revision Processes: Real-time and Revised Data
WPUMUFAE.2009.05.pdf.jpg23-jun-2009jun-2009How different is the exchange rate pass-through in new member states of the EU? Some potential explanatory factors
WPUMUFAE.2009.06.pdf.jpg23-jun-2009jun-2009On the informational role of term structure in the US monetary policy rule
WPUMUFAE.2009.07.pdf.jpg6-jul-2009jul-2009Time, Quality and Growth
WPUMUFAE.2009.08.pdf.jpg16-sep-2009sep-2009Structural reforms and budget deficits in a monetary union: a strategic approach
WPUMUFAE.2009.09.pdf.jpg28-sep-2009sep-2009Copying, superstars and artistic creation
WPUMUFAE.2009.10.pdf.jpg11-ene-2010dic-2009The Relationship between Height and Economic Development in Spain.An Historical Perspective
WPUMUFAE.2010.01.pdf.jpg18-ene-2010ene-2010Do Social Networks Prevent Bank Runs?
WPUMUFAE.2010.02.pdf.jpg2-mar-2010feb-2010Ranking Scientists
WPUMUFAE.2010.04.pdf.jpg26-oct-2010oct-2010Measurable utility for scientific influence
WPUMUFAE.2012.01.pdf.jpg8-feb-2012feb-2012The comovement between height and some economic development indicators in Spain
WPUMUFAE.2012.02.pdf.jpg24-feb-2012feb-2012The Natural Resource Curse: An Analysis of the Dutch Case based on Sectoral Economies of Scale
WPUMUFAE.2012.03.pdf.jpg18-sep-2012sep-2012Is there a Producer Quality Wage Premium similar to the Exporter Wage Premium