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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Adult stem and transit-amplifying cell locationDíaz-Flores Jr., L.; Madrid, J.F.; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Varela, H.; Valladares, Francisco; Álvarez-Argüelles, H.; Díaz-Flores, Lucio
1994Angiogenesis: an updateDíaz-Flores, Lucio; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Varela, H.
2007Cell contribution of vasa-vasorum to early arterial intimal thickening formationDíaz-Flores Jr., L.; Madrid, J.F.; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Varela, H.; Valladares, Francisco; Díaz-Flores, Lucio
1995Contribution of the proximal and distal nerve stumps to peripheral nerve regeneration in silicone chambersDíaz-Flores, Lucio; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Varela, H.; Evora, P.; Valladares, Francisco; Rodríguez, M.; Rancel, N.; Álvarez-Argüelles, H.
2007Immunohistochemical localization of hormones and peptides in the human pituitary cells in a case of hipercortisolism by ACTH secreting microadenomaReyes, R.; Valladares, Francisco; Díaz-Flores, Lucio; Feria, L.; Alonso, R.; Tramu, G.; Bello, A.R.
1991Microvascular pericytes, a review of their morphological and functional characteristicsDíaz-Flores, Lucio; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Varela, Hilda; Rancel, N.; Valladares, Francisco
1994Neuroblastoma. A study of the clinicopathological features influencing prognosis based on the analysis of 54 casesValera-Durán, J.; Böhm, N.; Díaz-Flores, Lucio; Ramon y Cajal-Junquera, S.; Toro Rojas, M.; Valera-Nuñez, R.
2009Pericytes. Morphofunction, interactions and pathology in a quiescent and activated mesenchymal cell nicheDíaz-Flores, Lucio; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Madrid, J.F.; Varela, H.; Valladares, Francisco; Acosta, E.; Martín-Vasallo, P.; Díaz-Flores Jr., L.; Biología Celular
1993Primary papillary psammomatous adenocarcinoma of the umbilicusHernández, N.; Medina, V.; Álvarez-Argüelles, H.; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Pérez-Palma, J.; Díaz-Flores, Lucio
2003Selective calcification of rat brain lesions caused by systemic administration of kainic acidGayoso, M.J.; Al-Majdalawi, A.; Garrosa, M.; Calvo, B.; Díaz-Flores, Lucio
1990The role of the pericytes of the adventitial microcirculation in the arterial intimal thickeningDíaz-Flores, Lucio; Valladares, Francisco; Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Varela, Hilda