Histology and histopathology: Vol.29, nº11 (2014) : [12]  Estadísticas

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Thoury-29-1455-1466-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Evidence for different expression profiles for c-Met, EGFR, PTEN and the mTOR pathway in low and high grade endometrial carcinomas in a cohort of consecutive women. Occurrence of PIK3CA and K-Ras mutations and microsatellite instability
Uribe-29-1415-1421-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Flavonoid profile of Lupinus mexicanus germinated seed extract and evaluation of its neuroprotective effect
Rot-29-1377-1394-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Role of skeletal muscle in mandible development
Gorzolka-29-1365-1376-2014.pdf.jpg2014-MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues in clinical research
Kim-29-1395-1408-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Biomaterial scaffolds used for the regeneration of spinal cord injury (SCI)
Benali-29-1409-1414-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Epithelial mesenchymal transition in the progression of renal disease in dogs
Salazar-29-1423-1435-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Effect of prior exercise training and myocardial infarction-induced heart failure on the neuronal and glial densities and the GFAP-immunoreactivity in the posterodorsal medial amygdala of rats
Rodriguez-29-1445-1454-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Factors influencing malignant evolution and long-term survival in solitary fibrous tumours of the pleura
Tachezy-29-1467-1475-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Prognostic impact of perineural, blood and lymph vessel invasion for esophageal cancer
Xu-29-1437-1443-2014.pdf.jpg2014-INF-γ sensitizes head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis and necroptosis through up-regulation of Egr-1
Lahm-29-1477-1488-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Correlation between 3D microstructural and 2D histomorphometric properties of subchondral bone with healthy and degenerative cartilage of the knee joint
Marquez-29-1355-1364-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Role of discoidin domain receptor 2 in wound healing
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 12 de 12