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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Platelet rich plasma: a valid augmentation for cartilage scaffolds? a systematic reviewPerdisa, Francesco; Filardo, Giuseppe; Di Matteo, Berardo; Marcacci, Maurilio; Kon, Elizaveta
2014CD34+ stromal cells/fibroblasts/fibrocytes/telocytes as a tissue reserve and a principal source of mesenchymal cells. Location, morphology, function and role in pathologyDíaz-Flores, L.; Gutiérrez, R.; García, M. P.; Sáez, F.J.; Díaz-Flores Jr., L.; Valladares, F.; Madrid, J.F.
2014Structural and functional alterations in the atrioventricular node and atrioventricular ring tissue in ischaemia-induced heart failureYanni, Joseph; Maczewski, MIchal; Mackiewicz, Urszula; Siew, Samuel; Fedorenko, Olga; Atkinson, Andrew; Price, Marcus; Beresewicz, Andrzej; Anderson, Robert H.; Boyett, Mark R.; Dobrzynski, Halina
2014Roles of Rho small GTPases in the tangentially migrating neuronsIto, Hidenori; Morishita, Rika; Tabata, Hidenori; Nagata, Koh-ichi
2014A role of junction-mediated interactions in cells of the male reproductive tract: Impact of prenatal, neonatal, and prepubertal exposure to anti-androgens on adult reproductionHejmej, Anna; Bilinska, Barbara
2014Cancer progression and substance PCoveñas, Rafael; Muñoz, Miguel
2014A GFP endometriosis model reveals important morphological characteristics of the angiogenic process that govern benign and malignant diseasesMachado, Daniel Escorsim; Júnior, Antônio Palumbo; Santos, João Marcos; Mattos, Rômulo Medina; dos Santos, Thiago Alves; Seabra, Sergio Henrique; Boldrini, Leonardo da Cunha; Machado, Jamila Alessandra Perini; Nasciutti, Luiz Eurico
2014Detection and characterisation of disseminated tumour cells in bone marrow of breast cancer patients by immunostaining of Her-2 and MUC-1 in combination with Thomsen-Friedenreich (CD176)Andergassen, Ulrich; Kölbl, A. C.; Zebisch, M.; Heublein, Sabine; Hutter, S.; Ilmer, M.; Schindlbeck, C.; Friese, K.; Jeschke, U.
2014The antiprogestins mifepristone and onapristone reduce cell proliferation in the canine mammary carcinoma cell line CMT-U27Guil Luna, Silvia; Hellmén, Eva; Sánchez Céspedes, Raquel; Millán, Yolanda; Martín de las Mulas, Juana
2014Osteopontin expression and localization of Ca2+ deposits in early stages of osteoarthritis in a rat modelMartínez Calleja, América; Velasquillo, Cristina; Vega López, Marco A.; Arellano Jiménez, M. Josefina; Tsutsumi Fujiyoshi, Victor K.; Mondragón Flores, Ricardo; Kouri Flores, Juan B.