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Título: The construction of authorial voice in writing research articles: a corpus-based study from an APPRAISAL theory perspective.
Fecha de publicación: 21-ene-2019
Fecha de defensa / creación: 2018
ISSN: 1989-6131
Materias relacionadas: CDU::8- Lingüística y literatura::81 - Lingüística y lenguas
Palabras clave: Voice
Second language writing
Appraisal theory
Research articles
Resumen: This study explores voice from an APPRAISAL theory perspective. It aims to investigate how published research writers deploy ATTITUDE and GRADUATION resources to review existing literature in the field . T he study is based on a corpus of literature reviews (LRs) from 204 research articles (RAs) in computer networks and communications (CNC) and second language writing (SLW). Findings show that 1) writers demonstrate a strong preference to express their attitude through APPRECIATION rather than AFFECT and JUDG EMENT resources; 2) more FORCE than FOCUS resources are used to upgrade attitudinal meanings realized through ATTITUDE resources or to evoke APPRECIATION; and 3) one - way ANOVAs and post hoc tests have detected significant differences in the use of AFFECT a nd JUDGEMENT resources and in two sub - categories of FORCE and FOCUS resources. The study contribute s to new knowledge by relating ATTITUDE and GRADUATION resources to the construction of voice in the disciplines of CNC and SLW .
Autor/es principal/es: Zhang, W.
Cheung, Y.
Colección: International Journal English Studies, Vol. 18(2), 2018
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