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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A method for obtaining Schwann cell cultures from adult rabbit nerve based on “in vitro” pre-degeneration and neuregulin treatmentde la Fuente, Isabel; Alcalde, Ignacio; Gamboa, Olga L.; Garrosa, Manuel; Gayoso, Manuel J.
2012Lung CD57+ cell density is increased in very severe COPDOlloquequi, Jordi; García Valero, José; Rodríguez, Esther; Montero, M. Ángeles; Ferrer, Jaume; Montes, Juan F.
2012Cell fate following ER stress: just a matter of “quo ante” recovery or death?Treglia, Antonella Sonia; Turco, Stefano; Ulianich, Luca; Ausiello, Pietro; Lofrumento, Dario Domenico; Nicolardi, Giuseppe; Miele, Claudia; Garbi, Corrado; Beguinot, Francesco; Di Jeso, Bruno
2012Cell cycle inhibitor p57 expression in normal and diabetic rat placentas during some stages of pregnancyAcar, Nuray; Turkay Korgun, Emin; Ustunel, Ismail
2012Cathepsin B may be a potential biomarker in cervical cancerWu, Dan; Wang, Huijun; Li, Zhunan; Wang, Lihua; Zheng, Fengyun; Jiang, Juan; Gao, Yongtao; Zhong, Huifang; Huang, Yong; Suo, Zhenhe
2012Examination of epithelial tissue cytokine response to natural peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) infection in sheep and goats by immunohistochemistryTarik Atmaca, Hasan; Kul, Oguz
2012Nigral degeneration correlates with persistent activation of cerebellar Purkinje cells in MPTP-treated monkeysHeman, Paola; Barcia, Carlos; Gómez, Aurora; Ros, Carmen M.; Ros Bernal, Francisco; Yuste Jiménez, José Enrique; Pablos, Vicente de; Fernandez Villalba, Emiliano; Toledo Cárdenas, María Rebeca; Herrero Ezquerro, María Trinidad
2012Age-related changes in myosin-V myenteric neurons, CGRP and VIP immunoreactivity in the ileum of rats supplemented with ascorbic acidTonon Veit, Ana Paula; Nelisis Zanoni, Jacqueline
2012Stem cells: Are they the answer to the puzzling etiology of endometriosis?Oliveira, Flávia R.; Dela Cruz, Cynthia; Del Puerto, Helen L.; Vilamil, Quésia T.M.F.; Reis, Fernando M.; Camargos, Aroldo F.
2012Advances in pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma characterization and disease model developmentO’ Brien, Dennis; Jacob, Aishwarya G.; Qualman, Stephen J.; Chandler, Dawn S.