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Vista previaFecha de publicaciónFecha de CreaciónTítulo
Organometallics 2012-3647rev.pdf.jpg14-may-2012-Ortho Palladation of the Phenethylamines of Biological Relevance L-Tyrosine Methyl Ester and Homoveratrylamine. Reactivity of the Palladacycles toward CO and Isocyanides. Synthesis of the Natural Alkaloid Corydaldine
Self-Archived MS-JBerna_Dethreading of FUM-pRTX.pdf.jpg11-feb-20192019Thermally and Photochemically Induced Dethreading of Fumaramide-Based Kinetically Stable Pseudo[2]rotaxanes
REVISED VERSION-CHEMCOMMUN-2017-53-2842.pdf.jpg10-feb-20172017Synthesis of spiro-oxoindoles through Pd-catalyzed remote C–H alkylation using alpha-diazocarbonyl compounds
OM 12-8333rev.pdf.jpg10-dic-20122012Insertion of Allenes into the Pd-C bond of Ortho-Palladated Primary Arylamines of Biological Relevance: Phenethylamine, Phentermine, (L)-Phenylalanine Methyl Ester and (L)-Tryptophan Methyl Ester. Synthesis of 3-Benzazepines and Their Salts
Pt_Heteroleptic_Tris-cyclometalated.pdf.jpg29-oct-2014-Exploring Excited-State Tunability in Luminescent Tris-cyclometalated Platinum(IV) Complexes: Synthesis of Heteroleptic Derivatives and Computational Calculations
IC 16-5520.pdf.jpg6-jun-2016-C-H Activation in Primary 3-Phenylpropylamines: Synthesis of Seven-Membered Palladacycles through Orthometalation. Stoichiometric Preparation of Benzazepinones and Catalytic Synthesis of Ureas
Chem Eur J 20-11307.pdf.jpg1-sep-2020-Stereoselective Formation of Facial Tris-Cyclometalated PtIV Complexes: Dual Phosphorescence from Heteroleptic Derivatives
CEJ 2019.pdf.jpg4-sep-2019-Haloperfluorocarbons with Gold(I) Organometallic Complexes. Perfluoroalkyl Gold(I) and Gold(III) Complexes
OM 21-539.pdf.jpg-22-feb-2021Sequential Insertion of Alkynes, Alkenes, and CO into the Pd-C Bond of ortho-Palladated Primary Phenethylamines: from Allyl Complexes and Enlarged Palladacycles to Functionalized Arylalkylamines
Dalton,2019,48,14367-14382.pdf.jpg18-sep-20192019Selective synthesis, reactivity and luminescence of unsymmetrical bis-cyclometalated Pt(IV) complexes