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Title: Expression of smoothelin and smooth muscle actin in the skin
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Editores F. Hernandez y Juan F. Madrid. Murcia, Universidad de Murcia, Departamento de Biologia Celular e Histologia
ISSN: 1699-5848
Related subjects: 61 - Medicina
Keywords: Immunohistochemical
Smooth muscle actin
Abstract: Introduction: Smoothelin is a cytoskeletal protein of differentiated smooth muscle cells with contractile capacity, distinguishing it from other smooth muscle proteins, such as smooth muscle actin (SMA). Objective: To evaluate the expression of smoothelin and SMA in the skin in order to establish specific localizations of smoothelin in smooth muscle cells with high contractile capacity and in the epithelial component of cutaneous adnexal structures. Methods: Immunohistochemical analysis (smoothelin and SMA) was performed in 18 patients with normal skin. Results: SMA was expressed by the vascular structures of superficial, deep, intermediate and adventitial plexuses, whereas smoothelin was specifically expressed in the cytoplasm of smooth muscle cells of the deepest vascular plexus and in no other plexus of the dermis. The hair erector muscle showed intense expression of smoothelin and SMA. Cells with nuclear expression of smoothelin and cytoplasmic expression of SMA were observed in the outer root sheath of the inferior portion of the hair follicles and intense cytoplasmic expression in cells of the dermal sheath to SMA. Conclusions: We report the first study of smoothelin expression in normal skin, which differentiates the superficial vascular plexus from the deep. The deep plexus comprises vessels with high contractile capacity, which is important for understanding dermal hemodynamics in normal skin and pathological processes. We suggest that the function of smoothelin in the outer root sheath may be to enhance the function of SMA, which has been related to mechanical stress.
Primary author: Aneiros Fernández, José
Husein-ElAhmed, Husein
Arias-Santiago, Salvador
Campos, Antonio
Carriel, Víctor
Sánchez-Montesinos, Indalecio
Garcia del Moral, Raimundo
Sánchez, Guillermo
O’Valle, Francisco
Aneiros, J.
Published in: Histology and Histopathology, vol.26, nº6, 2011
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Number of pages / Extensions: 6
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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