Histology and histopathology: Vol.26,nº11 (2011) : [12]  Estadísticas

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Zhang-26-1405-1413-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Expression of adhesion molecules and mucins in human and rhesus macaque gastrointestinal epithelial cells
Akiyama-26-1383-1390-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Nuclear relocation of DGKζ in cardiomyocytes under conditions of ischemia/reperfusion
Asioli-26-1399-1404-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Transglutaminase 2 expression is significantly increased in cyclosporine-induced gingival overgrowth
Kang-26-1363-1373-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Developmental immunolocalization of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) in epithelial cell of rat kidney
Cheng-26-1465-1474-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Polarity proteins and actin regulatory proteins are unlikely partners that regulate cell adhesion in the seminiferous epithelium during spermatogenesis
Rochel-Maia-26-1423-1434-2011.pdf.jpg2011-MMP-2 and TIMP-2 in the prostates of male and female mongolian gerbils: effects of hormonal manipulation
Mylonas-26-1415-1422-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Inhibin beta B: a useful tumor marker in uterine endometrioid adenocarcinomas?
Lim-26-1375-1382-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Comprehensive histologic analysis of interstitial lipolysis with the 1444 nm wavelength during a 3-month follow-up
Val-Bernal-26-1391-1397-2011.pdf.jpg2011-C4d immunohistochemical staining is a sensitive method to confirm immunoreactant deposition in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue in membranous glomerulonephritis
Tran-26-1453-1464-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Potential role of chitinases and chitin-binding proteins in host-microbial interactions during the development of intestinal inflammation
Kalman-26-1435-1452-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Alterations of the perivascular dystrophin-dystroglycan complex following brain lesions. An immunohistochemical study in rats
Sonoda-26-1475-1486-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Novel therapeutic strategies to target RCAS1, which induces apoptosis via ectodomain shedding
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 12 de 12