Histology and histopathology: Vol.26, nº3 (2011) : [13]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Human Leukocyte Antigen-G (HLA-G) as a marker for diagnosis, prognosis and tumor immune escape in human malignanciesYie, Shang-mian; Hu, Zhenbo
2011Endosome-to-Golgi transport pathways in physiological processesZhao Lieu, Zi; Gleeson, Paul A.
2011Molecular regulation of articular chondrocyte function and its significance in osteoarthritisSchroeppel, J.P.; Crist, J.D.; Anderson, H.C.; Wang, J.
2011Morphological characteristics and peptidergic innervation in the carotid body of spontaneously hypertensive ratsTakahashi, Masahiro; Matsuda, Hideki; Hayashida, Yoshiaki; Yamamoto, Yoshio; Tsukuda, Mamoru; Kusakabe, Tatsumi
2011Comparative pulmonary toxicity assessment of pristine and functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes intratracheally instilled in rats: morphohistochemical evaluationsRoda, E.; Coccini, T.; Acerbi, D.; Barni, Sergio; Vaccarone, R.; Manzo, L.
2011Rheumatoid nodule and combined pulmonary carcinoma: topographic correlations; a case report and review of the literatureSpina, Donatella; Ambrosio, Maria Raffaella; Rocca, Bruno Jim; Di Mari, Nicoletta; Onorati, Mónica; Luzzi, Luca; Monciatti, Irene; Tosi, Piero
2011Comparative study of MLPA-FISH to determine DNA copy number alterations in neuroblastic tumorsVillamón, E.; Piqueras, M.; Berbegall, A.P.; Tadeo, I.; Castel, V.; Navarro, S.; Noguera, R.
2011Electron probe X-ray microanalysis of cisplatininduced cell death in rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cellsRamos, Juan M.; Arrebola, Francisco; Fernández Cervilla, Francisco J.; Crespo, Vicente; Fernández Segura, Eduando
2011The spectrum of cytokeratins expressed in the adult human cornea, limbus and perilimbal conjunctivaMerjava, Stanislava; Neuwirth, Ales; Tanzerova, Michaela; Jirsova, Katerina
2011Inhibition of connexin43 dephosphorylation is involved in protective effects of diltiazem on cardiac function during hypoxic injuryMatsushita, Satoshi; Kurihara, Hidetake; Watanabe, Makino; Okada, Takao; Sakai, Tatsuo; Amano, Atsushi
2011Matrix metalloproteinases and their role in the renal epithelial mesenchymal transitionAresu, L.; Benali, S.; Garbisa, S.; Gallo, E.; Castagnaro, M.
2011Appearance and distribution of stromal myofibroblasts and tenascin-C in feline mammary tumorsYoshimura, Hisashi; Michishita, Masaki; Ohkusu-Tsukada, Kozo; Takahashi, Kimimasa
2011Clinical, pathological and immunological features of psoriatic-like lesions affecting keratin 14-vascular endothelial growth factor transgenic miceCanavese, M.; Altruda, F.; Silengo, L.; Castiglioni, V.; Scanziani, E.; Radaelli, E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13