Histology and histopathology: Vol.24, nº8 (2009) : [12]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009In situ detection of APRIL-rich niches for plasma-cell survival and their contribution to B-cell lymphoma developmentBurjanadze, M.; Matthes, T.
2009Expression and distribution of GABAergic system in rat knee joint synovial membraneTamura, Shigenori; Watanabe, M.; Kanbara, Kiyoto; Yanagawa, Tetsuji; Watanabe, K.; Otsuki, Yoshinori; Kinoshita, Mitsuo
2009Aberrant CCND1 copies and cyclin D1 mRNA expression do not result in the production of functional cyclin D1 protein in anaplastic large cell lymphomaBobos, Mattheos; Kotoula, Vassiliki; Kaloutsi, Vassiliki; Karayannopoulou, Georgia; Papadimitriou, Constantine S.; Kostopoulos, Ioannis
2009Cytoplasmic inclusions of TDP-43 in neurodegenerative diseases: A potential role for caspasesRohn, Troy T.
2009Improved methodology for the detection and quantification of the acrosome reaction in mouse spermatozoaLybaert, Pascale; Danguy, A.; Leleux, Fabienne; Meuris, Sylvain; Lebrun, Philippe
2009Breast carcinoma vascularity, A comparison of manual microvessel count and Chalkley countDhakal, Hari Prasad; Bassarova, A.V.; Naume, Bjørn; Synnestvedt, Marit; Borgen, Elin; Kaaresen, Rolf; Schlichting, Ellen; Wiedswang, Gro; Giercksky, Karl- Erik; Nesland, Jahn M.
2009Expression of eight genes of nuclear factor-kappa B pathway in multiple myeloma using bone marrow aspirates obtained at diagnosisSampaio Almeida, Manuella S.; Vettore, André L.; Yamamoto, M.; Chauffaille, Maria de Lourdes L.F.; Zago, Marco Antônio; Colleoni, Gisele W. B.
2009Tumor cell expression of podoplanin correlates with nodal metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaChuang, Wen-Yu; Yeh, Chi-Ju; Wu, Yi-Chin; Chao, Yin-Kai; Liu, Yun-Hen; Tseng, Chen-Kan; Chang, Hsien-Kun; Liu, Hui-Ping; Hsueh, Chuen
2009Expression of hexokinases and glucose transporters in treated and untreated oesophageal adenocarcinomaFonteyne, Philippe; Casneu, Veerle; Pauwels, Patrick; Van Damme, Nancy; Peeters, Marc; Dierckx, Rudi; Van de Wiele, Christophe
2009Genetic mouse models for the functional analysis of the perifibrillar components collagen IX, COMP and matrilin-3: Implications for growth cartilage differentiation and endochondral ossificationZaucke, Frank; Grässel, Susanne
2009Vaspin and amylin are expressed in human and rat placenta and regulated by nutritional statusCaminos, Jorge E.; Bravo, Susana B.; Garcés, Maria F.; González, C. Ruth; Cepeda, Libia A.; González, Adriana C.; Nogueiras, Rubén; Gallego, R.; Garcia-Caballero, Tomas; Cordido, Fernando; López, Miguel; Diéguez, C.
2009Efficient uptake of mannosylated proteins by a human Schwann cell lineBaetas-da-Cruz, Wagner; Alves, Lucinéia; Guimarães, Erick V.; Santos-Silva, Alessandra; Pessolani, Maria Cristina V.; Barbosa, Helene S.; Corte-Rea, Suzana; Cavalcante, Leny A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12