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Title: Effects of hypothyroidism on anti-mullerian hormone expression in the prepubertal rat testis
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Murcia : F. Hernández
ISSN: 0213-3911
Related subjects: 636 - Veterinaria. Explotación y cría de animales. Cría del ganado y de animales domésticos
Keywords: Sertoli cells
Abstract: Differentiation of adult Leydig cells (ALC) in the prepubertal rat testis is stimulated by thyroid hormone (Thy) and inhibited by the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) produced by the immature Sertoli cell (SC). As Thy induces SC maturation in the prepubertal rat testis, we hypothesized that Thy stimulation of ALC differentiation is mediated via inhibition of AMH production by the SC with their maturation. If this hypothesis is true, AMH production by the prepubertal Sertoli cells in hypothyroid rats should not decline immediately after birth as in euthyroid rats, but should be maintained throughout the hypothyroid period at a similar or higher level to that of day 1 rats. This concept was tested using control rats of postnatal days (pd) 1, 7 and 14 and hypothyroid (fed 0.1% propyl thiouracil/PTU to lactating mothers) rats of pd7 and pd14. Presence of AMH in SC was examined by immunocytochemistry for AMH. Results demonstrated that testes of pd1 rats had intense AMH positive labeling exclusively in cytoplasm of SC. In testes of pd7 and pd14 control and PTU rats, a positive but weak labeling was also observed in cytoplasm of some SC; Germ cells and testicular interstitial cells were negative for AMH at all tested ages in both experimental groups. These findings suggest that AMH production by the prepubertal SC is independent of Sertoli cell maturation and not regulated by Thy. Therefore, Thy regulation of ALC differentiation in the prepubertal rat testis is unlikely to be mediated via inhibition of AMH produced by the SC with their maturation.
Primary author: Chamindrani Mendis-Handagama, S.M.L.
Siril Ariyaratne, H.B.
Published in: Histology and histopathology
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Number of pages / Extensions: 6
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
Appears in Collections:Vol.23, nº2 (2008)

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