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dc.contributor.authorHayashida, Y.-
dc.description.abstractThree types of hypoxia with different levels of carbon dioxide (hypocapnic, isocapnic, and hypercapnic hypoxia) have been called systemic hypoxia. The systemic hypoxic carotid bodies were enlarged several fold, but the degree of enlargement was different for each. The mean short and long axes of hypocapnic and isocapnic hypoxic carotid bodies were 1.6 (short axis) and 1.8-1.9 (long axis) times larger than normoxic control carotid bodies, respectively. Those of hypercapnic hypoxic carotid bodies were 1.2 (short axis) and 1.5 (long axis) times larger than controls, respectively. The rate of enlargement in hypercapnic hypoxic carotid bodies was lower than in hypocapnic and isocapnic hypoxic carotid bodies. The rate of vascular enlargement in hypercapnic hypoxic carotid bodies was also smaller than in hypocapnic and isocapnic hypoxic carotid bodies. Thus, the enlargement of hypoxic carotid bodies is mainly due to vascular dilation. Different levels of arterial CO2 tension change the peptidergic innervation during chronically hypoxic exposure. The characteristic vascular arrangement was under the control of altered peptidergic innervation. During the course of hypoxic adaptation, the enlargement of the carotid bodies with vascular expansion began soon after the start of hypoxic exposure. During the course of recovery, the shrinking of the carotid bodies with vascular contraction also started at a relatively early period after the termination of chronic hypoxia. These processes during the course of hypoxic adaptation and during the course of recovery were under the control of peptidergic innervation. These findings may provide a standard for further studies of hypoxic carotid
dc.publisherMurcia : F. Hernándezes
dc.relation.ispartofHistology and histopathologyes
dc.subjectCarotid bodyes
dc.subject.otherCDU::6 - Ciencias aplicadas::61 - Medicinaes
dc.titleHypoxic adaptation of the rat carotid bodyes
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