Histology and histopathology: Vol.21, nº 7 (2006) : [12]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Quantitative cell-cycle protein expression in oral cancer assessed by computer-assisted systemSoares, C.P.; Zuanon, J.A.S.; Teresa, D.B.; Fregonezi, P.A.; Neto, C.B.; Oliveira, M.R.B.; Donadi, E.A.; Martinelli-Kläy, C.P.; Soares, E.G.
2006Toll like receptor-4 expression in lipopolysaccharide induced lung inflammationJanardhan, K.; McIsaac, M.; Fowlie, J.; Shrivastav, A.; Caldwell, S.; Sharma, R.K.; Singh, B.
2006Comparison of MR images and histochemical localization of intra-arterially administered microglia surrounding ß-amyloid deposits in the rat brainSong, Y.; Morikawa, S.; Morita, M.; Inubushi, T.; Takada, T.; Torii, R.; Kitamura, Y.; Taniguchi, T.; Tooyama, I.
2006Do chondrocytes undergo "activation" and "transdifferentiation" during the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis? A review of the ultrastructural and immunohistochemical evidenceKourí, J.B.; Lavalle, C.
2006Histological recovery of the hepatocytes is based on the redox system upregulation in the animal models of mutant superoxide dismutase (SOD)1-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosisKato, Massuo J.; Kato, S.; Abe, Y.; Nishino, T.; Ohama, E.; Aoki, M.; Itoyama, Y.
2006Topoisomerase 1A, HER,2neu and Ki67 expression in paired primary and relapse ovarian cancer tissue samplesSurowiak, P.; Materna, V.; Kaplenko, I.; Spaczynski, M.; Dietel, Manfred; Lage, H.; Zabel, M.
2006Cytokeratin-positive subserosal myofibroblasts in gastroduodenal ulcer; another type of myofibroblastsGuo, L.; Kuroda, Naoto; Nakayama, Hiroyuki; Miyazaki, E.; Hayashi, Yoshihiro; Toi, M.; Hiroi, Makoto; Enzan, H.
2006Perioperative IFN-a to avoid surgically induced immune suppression in colorectal cancer patientsOosterling, S.J.; van der Bij, G.J.; Mels, A.K.; Beelen, R.H.J.; Meijer, S.; van Egmond, M.; van Leeuwen, P.A.M.
2006Altered patterns of RB expression define groups of soft tissue sarcoma patients with distinct biological and clinical behaviorPolsky, D.; Mastorides, S.; Kim, D.; Dudas, M.; Leon, L.; Leung, D.; Woodruff, J.M.; Brennan, M.F.; Osman, I.; Cordon-Cardo, C.
2006Cardiac natriuretic peptides: hormones with anticancer effects that localize to nucleus, cytoplasm, endothelium, and fibroblasts of human cancersSaba, S.R.; Vesely, D.L.
2006Histone modifications in status epilepticus induced by KainateTaniura, H.; Sng, J.C.G.; Yoneda, Y.
2006Role of WNT signaling in normal and malignant hematopoiesisKhan, N.I.; Bendall, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12