Histology and histopathology: Vol.21, nº 2 (2006) : [11]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006ATM gene expression is associated with differentiation and angiogenesis in infiltrating breast carcinomasCuatrecasas, M.; Santamaria, G.; Velasco, M.; Camacho, E.; Hernandez, L.; Sanchez, M.; Orrit, C.; Murcia, C.; Cardesa, Antonio; Campo, Elías; Fernandez, P.L.
2006Stress proteins expression in rat kidney and liver chronically exposed to aluminium sulphateStacchiotti, A.; Rodella, L.F.; Ricci, F.; Rezzani, R.; Lavazza, A.; Bianchi, R.
2006Molecular pathology of endometrial carcinoma, Transcriptional signature in endometrioid tumorsAbal, M.; Planaguma, J.; Gil-Moreno, A.; Monge, M.; Gonzalez, M.; Baró, Teresa; Garcia, A.; Castellvi, J.; Ramón y Cajal, S.; Xercavins, J.; Alameda, F.; Reventos, J.
2006Expression and function of cell cycle proteins in rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissueTaranto, E.; Leech, M.
2006Detection of anti-mullerian hormone receptor II protein in the postnatal rat testis from birth to sexual maturityMendis-Handagama, S.M.L.C.; Di Clementi, N.; Ariyaratne,H.B.S.; Mrkonjich, L.
2006Identification of gene networks modulated by activin in LßT2 cells using DNA microarray analysisMazhawidza, W.; Winters, S.J.; Kaiser, U.B.; Kakar, S.S.
2006Alterations of the cerebrospinal fluid proteins and subcommissural organ secretion in the arterial hypertension and ventricular dilatation. A study in SHR ratsMartínez de la Peña y Valenzuela, Isabel; Carmona-Calero, E.; Pérez-González, H.; Ormazabal-Ramos, C.; Fernández-Rodríguez, P.; Gonzalez-Marrero, I.; Castañeyra Perdomo, A.; Ferres Torres, R.
2006Molecular alterations of monophasic synovial sarcoma: loss of chromosome 3p does not alter RASSF1 and MLH1 transcriptional activityPazzaglia, L.; Benassi, M.S.; Ragazzini, P.; Gamberi, G.; Ponticelli, F.; Chiechi, A.; Hattinger, C.M.; Morandi, Luca; Alberghini, M.; Zanella, L.; Picci, P.; Mercuri, Mario
2006Antioxidant enzymes in renal cell carcinomaSoini, Y.; Kallio, J.P.; Hirvikoski, P.; Helin, H.; Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, P.; Tammela, T.L.J.; Peltoniemi, M.; Martikainen, P.M.; Kinnula, V.L.
2006Immunocytochemical localization of metabotropic (mGluR2/3 and mGluR4a) and ionotropic (GluR2/3) glutamate receptors in adrenal medullary ganglion cellsSarría, R.; Díez, J.; Losada, J.; Doñate-Oliver, F.; Kuhn, R.; Grandes, P.
2006RhoB in cancer suppressionHuang, M.; Prendergast, G.C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11