Histology and histopathology: Vol.20, nº 2 (2005) : [33]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Standardization of bone marrow features - does it work in hematopathology for histological discrimination of different disease patterns?Thiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Diehl, V.
2005Response of the gut neuroendocrine system of Leuciscus cephalus (L.) to the presence of Pomphorhynchus laevis Müller, 1776 (Acanthocephala)Bosi, G.; Domeneghini, C.; Arrighi, S.; Giari, L.; Dezfuli, B.S.
2005Impairment of thrombospondin-1 expression during epithelial wound healing in corneas of vitamin A-deficient miceUno, K.; Kuroki, M.; Hayashi, H.; Uchida, H.; Oshima, K.
2005The signaling network of tumor invasionWang, G.K.; Zhang, W.
2005Streptidine, a metabolic derivative produced after administration of streptomycin in vivo, is vestibulotoxic in ratsGranados, O.; Meza Ruiz, G.
2005Microtubules regulate aortic endothelial cell actin microfilament reorganization in intact and repairing monolayersLee, J.S.Y.; Gotlieb, A.I.
2005Effects of single, double or triple combinations of octreotide, galanin and serotonin on a human pancreatic cancer cell lineTjomsland, V.; El-Salhy, M.
2005Expression pattern of cell cycle-related gene products in synovial stroma and synovial lining in active and quiescent stages of rheumatoid arthritisHelmchen, B.; Weckauf, H.; Ehemann, V.; Wittmann, I.; Meyer-Scholten, C.; Berger, I.
2005Immunocytochemical developmental patterns of the thoracolumbar sympathetic chain in the chick and a comparison with its adrenal counterpartSánchez-Montesinos, I.; Mérida-Velasco, J.R.; Hita-Contreras, F.; Espín Ferra, J.; Rodríguez-Vázquez, J.F.; De La Cuadra, C.; Pasini, B.; Mérida-Velasco, J.A.
2005Photopigment coexpression in mammals: comparative and developmental aspectsLukáts, A.; Szabó, A.; Röhlich, P.; Vígh, B.; Szél, A.
2005Local immune response in serous papillary carcinoma of the endometriumTamiolakis, D.; Venizelos, J.; Lambropoulou, M.; Nikolaidou, S.; Tsikouras, P.; Jivannakis, T.; Papadopoulos, N.
2005Bioactive lysophospholipids and mesangial cell intracellular signaling pathways: role in the pathobiology of kidney diseaseKamanna, V.S.; Bassa, B.V.; Ganji, S.H.; Roh, D.D.
2005Characterization of metaplastic and heterotopic epithelia in the human gastrointestinal tract by the expression pattern of acyl-CoA synthetase 5Gassler, N.; Obermüller, N.; Keith, M.; Schirmacher, P.; Autschbachl, F.
2005Immunodetection of aldose reductase in normal and diseased human liverBrown, K.E.; Broadhurst, K.A.; Mathahs, M.M.; Kladney, R.D.; Fimmel, C.J.; Srivastava,S.K.; Brunt, E.M.
2005Functional aspects of the somatostatinergic system in the retina and the potential therapeutic role of somatostatin in retinal diseaseCasini, G.; Catalani, E.; Dal Monte, M.; Bagnoli, P.
2005Human and animal spongiform encephalopathies are the result of chronic autoimmune attack in the CNS: A novel medical theory supported by overwhelming experimental evidenceTing Zhu, Bao
2005NPY and TH innervation in human choroidal whole-mountsTriviño, A.; Hoz, R.de; Rojas, Blanca; Salazar, J.J.; Ramírez, Ana I.; Ramírez, José M.
2005Corneal endothelial cell density decreases with age in emmetropic eyesSanchis-Gimeno, J.A.; Lleó-Pérez, A.; Alonso, L.M.; Rahhal, M.S.; Martínez Soriano, F.
2005A simple method for the differential characterization of alveoli and alveolar ducts in injured lungsNegri, E.M.; Omar, E.D.; Mori, S.S.; Rodrigues, N.R.D.; Barbas, C.S.V.; Saldiva, P.H.N.; Dolhnikoff, M.
2005Biochemical analysis and immunohistochemical determination of cardiac troponin for the postmortem diagnosis of myocardial damageMartínez Díaz, F.; Rodríguez Morlensín, Mercedes; Pérez Cárceles, María Dolores; Noguera, J.; Luna, A.; Osuna, E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33