Histology and histopathology: Vol.17, nº 4 (2002) : [31]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Microscopic changes induced by the intratracheal inoculation of amniotic fluid and meconium in the lung of neonatal ratsMartínez Burnes, J.; Lopez, A.; Wright, Glenda M.; Ireland, William P.; Wadowska, D.W.; Dobbin, G.V.
2002Androgen receptor mRNA under-expression in poorly differentiated human hepatocellular carcinomaTavian, D.; De Petro, G.; Pitozzi, A.; Portolani, N.; Giulini, S.M.; Barlati, S.
2002Molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of traumatic brain injuryRay, S.K.; Dixon, C.E.; Banik, N.L.
2002Morphological changes in the rat exocrine pancreas after pancreatic duct ligationHamamoto, N.; Ashizawa, N.; Niigaki, M.; Kaji, T.; Katsube, T.; Endoh, H.; Watanabe, M.; Sumi, S.; Kinoshita, Y.
2002Effects of phthalate esters on actin cytoskeleton of Py1a rat osteoblastsMarchetti, L.; Sabbieti, M.G.; Menghi, M.; Materazzi, S.; Hurley, M.M.; Menghi, Giovanna
2002The role of CD44 in the development and prognosis of head and neck squamous cell carcinomasAssimakopoulos, D.; Kolettas, E.; Patrikakos, G.; Evangelou, A.
2002An electron microscopic study of neuronal degeneration and glial cell reaction in the retina of glaucomatous ratsWang, X.; Tay, S.S.W.; Ng, Y.K.
2002The controversial nuclear matrix: a balanced point of viewMartelli, A.M.; Falcieri, E.; Zweyer, M.; Bortul, R.; Tabellini, G.; Cappellini, A.; Cocco, L.
2002Aspergillus fumigatus causes in vitro electrophysiological and morphological modifications in human nasal epithelial cellsBotterel, F.; Cordonnier, C.; Barbier, V.; Wingerstmann, L.; Liance, M.; Coste, A.; Escudier, E.; Bretagne, S.
2002Review of collecting duct carcinoma with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspectsKuroda, Naoto; Toi, M.; Hiroi, Makoto; Enzan, H.
2002Glucose transport and metabolism in chondrocytes: a key to understanding chondrogenesis, skeletal development and cartilage degradation in osteoarthritisMobasheri, A.; Vannucci, S.J.; Bondy, C.A.; Carter, S.D.; Innes, J.F.; Arteaga, M.F.; Trujillo, E.; Ferraz, I.; Shakibaei, M.; Martín Vasallo, P.
2002Regulation of smooth muscle cell accumulation in diabetes-accelerated atherosclerosisAskari, B.; Renard, C.B.; Bornfeldt, K.E.
2002CD26: An expanding role in immune regulation and cancerDang, N.H.; Morimoto, C.
2002Bone remodelling and tumour grade modifications induced by interactions between bone and swarm rat chondrosarcomaGrimaud, E.; Damiens, C.; Rousselle, A.V.; Passuti, N.; Heymann, D.; Gouin, F.
2002On the mechanism of homocysteine pathophysiology and pathogenesis: a unifying hypothesisZhu, B.T.
2002Animal in vivo models of EBV-associated lymphoproliferative diseases: Special references to rabbit modelsHayashi, K.; Teramoto, N.; Akagi, T.
2002Mortalin: a potential candidate for biotechnology and biomedicineWadhwa, R.; Taira, K.; Kaul, S.C.
2002Protein kinase C isoforms and lipid second messengers: a critical nuclear partnership?Neri, L.M.; Borgatti, P.; Capitani, S.; Martelli, A.M.
2002Control of the cell cycle by neurotrophins: lessons from the p75 neurotrophin receptorLópez-Sánchez, N.; Frade, J.M.
2002The possible role of the gut neuroendocrine system in diabetes gastroenteropathyEl-Salhy, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31