Histology and histopathology: Vol.15, nº 4 (2000) : [31]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Age-related morphometric changes in the pineal gland. A comparative study between C57BLI6J and CBA miceCernuda-Cernuda, R.; Huerta, J.J.; Muñoz Llamosas, M.; Alvarez-Uría, M.; García-Fernández, J.M.
2000lmmunohistochemical detection of metallothionein in carcinomatous and normal human gastric mucosaTuccari, G.; Giuffre, G.; Arena, F.; Barresi, G.
2000Localization of androgen and estrogen receptors in rat and primate tissuesPelletier, G.
2000Dendritic cells and interleukin-2,cytochemical and ultrastructural studyCivallero, M.; Barni, Sergio; Nano, R.; Capelli, E.
2000Selective expression of lysyl oxidase (LOX) in the stromal reactions of broncho-pulmonary carcinomaspeyrol, S.; Galateau-Salle, F.; Raccurt, M.; Gleyzal, C.; Sommer, P.
2000Topographical difference of cytoskeletal organization in smooth muscle cells of rat duodenum revealed by quick-freezing and deep-etching methodTakayama, I.; Fuji, Y.; Terada, N.; Baba, T.; Kato, Y.; Fujino, M.A.; Ohno, S.
2000Adoptive cellular immunotherapy. NK cells and bone marrow transplantationKoh, C.Y.; Welniak, L.A.; Murphy, W.J.
2000Signaling pathways mediated by tumor necrosis factor aLeong, K.G.; Karsan, A.
2000Potential use of spectral image analysis for the quantitative evaluation of estrogen receptors in breast cancerRothmann, C.; Barshack, I.; Gil, A.; Goldberg, I.; Kopolovic, J.; Malik, Z.
2000Calbindin D-28k immunoreactive nerve fibers in the carotid body of normoxic and chronically hypoxic ratsKusakabe, T.; Matsuda, H.; Hirakawa, H.; Hayashida, Y.; Ichikawa, T.; Kawakami, T.; Takenaka, T.
2000Gene therapy using herpes simplex virus-based vectorsLatchman, D.S.
2000Nuclear and cytoplasmic lectin receptor sites in rat Pyla osteoblastsSabbieti, M.G.; Marchetti, L.; Hurley, M.H.; Menghi, Giovanna
2000Cell proliferation in the developing rat pineal gland.A bromodeoxyuridine immunohistochemical studyCalvo, J.L.; Boya, J.; Carbonell, A.L.; García-Mauriño, J.E.
2000Molecular actions of nitric oxide in mesangial cellsSandau, K.B.; Brune, B.
2000Cell proliferation and apoptosis in prostate cancer. significance in disease progression and therapyKyprianou, N.; Bruckheimer, E.M.; Guo, Y.
2000Biological and clinical review of stromal tumors in the gastrointestinal tractNishida, T.; Hirota, S.
2000Melanization stimulating factors in the integument of the Mugil cephalus and Dicertranchus labraxZuasti, A.; Martinez Liarte, José Hilario; Solano, F.; Ferrer, C.
2000Morpho-histochemical study of the biological effects of sodium dodecyl sulphate on the digestive gland of the Portuguese oysterRosety, M.A.; Ribelles, A.; Rosety-Rodriguez, M.; Carrasco, C.; Ordóñez Muñoz, F.J.; Rosety, J.M.
2000Clinical applications of image cytometry to human tumour analysisMillot, C.; Dufer, J.
2000Suppressive effect of rebamipide, an antiulcer agent, against activation of human neutrophils exposed toformyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanineKobayashi, T.; Zinchuk, V.S.; García del Saz, E.; Jiang, F.; Yamasaki, Y.; Kataoka, S.; Okada, T.; Tsunawaki, S; Seguchi, H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31