Histology and histopathology: Vol.10, nº 2 (1995) : [24]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A morphometric and statistical study of the effects of soft laser (He-Ne) irradiation on the pineal glandGuillot Valls, M.D.; Hernández Gil de Tejada, T.; Martínez Soriano, F.
1995Rat pancreatic 9-cells after chronic alcohol feeding. A morphometric and fine structural studyKoko, V.; Todorovic, V.; Nikolic, J.A.; Glisic, R.; Cakic, M.; Lackovic, V.; Petronijevic, L.; Stojkovic, M.; Varagic, J.; Janic, B.; Radovanovic, J.; Laban, A.
1995Synovial and peritoneal macrophages in organoid cultureMohamed-Ali, H.; Souza, P.H.de; Shakibaei, M.; Hecker-Kia, A.; Kolkenbrock, H.J.; Merker, H. J.
1995The effect of ischemia and reperfusion on mitochondrial contact sites in isolated rat heartsBakker, A.; Goossens, F.; De Bie, M.; Bernaert, I.; Van Belle, H.; Jacob, W.
1995Liver biochemical pathology of choline deficiency and of methyl group deficiency: a new orientation and assessmentGhoshal, A.K.; Farber, E.
1995A comparison of the effects of rapamycin and cyclosporine on kidney and heart morphology in a rabbit heterotopic heart transplant modelThliveris, J.A.; Solez, K.; Yatscoff, R.W.
1995Cilia in the porcine bile ductule: motile or sensoryGilroy, C.; Singh, A.; Shahidi, E.
1995Mechanisms of synaptic dysfunction in Alzheimer's diseaseMasliah, E.
1995Dimorphic myelin in the rat optic nerve as a result of retinal activity blockage by tetrodotoxin during early postnatal periodCrespo, D.; Verduga, R.; Villegas, J.; Fernández-Viadero, C.
1995The kinetics of enzymes in situ, with special reference to lactate and succinate dehydrogenasesNakae, Y.; Stoward, P.J.
1995Detection of hepatitis B virus in the liver by in situ hybridization (ISH) in HBsAg seropositive and seronegative patientsCaballero, T.; Caballero, M.A.; Ruíz Extremera, A.; Barrios del Pino, Y.; O’Valle, F.; Salmerón, F.J.; Sánchez Salgado, G.
1995Cardiac muscle cell interaction: from microanatomy to the molecular make-up of the gap junctionSevers, N.J.
1995The inhibitor of calcium activated neutral proteinase is an anti-meiotic agent. The spermicidal and anti-viral actionLogothetou-Rella, H.
1995Effects of prenatal exposure to low dose ionizing radiation on the development of the cerebellar cortex in the ratRalcewicz, T.A.; Persaud, T.V.N.
1995lntegrin expression on epiphyseal mouse chondrocytes in monolayer cultureShakibaei, M.
1995Morphological changes in the small intestine of the fetal pig after prenatal stimulation of the sow with ACTHConnell, B.J.; Bate, L.A.; Ireland, William P.; Acorn, R.
1995lmmunohistochemical study on the distribution of galanin-containing nerves in the chicken pancreasHiramatsu, K.; Ohshima, K.
22-Feb-2011Mosaic lectin labelling in the quail collecting ductsMenghi, Giovanna; Gabrielli, M.G.; Accili, Daniela
1995Giant granular filamentous bodies in the cytoplasm of arcuate nucleus neurons of castrated ratsBlazquez, J.L.; Pastor, F.E.; Amat, P.; Pelaez, B.; Sánchez, A.; Amat-Peral, G.
1995Ductular hepatocytesSirica, A.E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24