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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Influence of preoperative dexamethasone therapy on proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) expression in comparison to other parameters in meningiomasGottschalk, J.; Goebel, S.; Jautzke, G.; Martín, H.; Zimmer, C.; Marzheuser-Brands, S.; Cervós-Navarro, J.
1992Small cell carcinoma of the stomach: An immunohistochemical and electron microscopic studyMorikawa, Y.; Tohya, K.; Matsuura, N.; Matsumoto, K.; Kakudo, K.
1992Murine monoclonal antibodies cytotoxic to human glioma cells in vitroSánchez-Gómez, M.V.; Conde Guerri, B.; Sinués Porta, E.; Matute, C.
1992Iron-binding proteins in human colorectal adenomas and carcinomas: an immunocytochemical investigationTuccari, G.; Rizzo, A.; Crisafulli, C.; Barresi, G.
1992Radiohistology and histochemistry of barium granuloma of the colon and rectumMayorga, M.; Castro, F.; Fernández, F.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando; Arribas, V.
1992An autopsy case of tuberous sclerosis. Histological and immunohistochemical studyFukutani, Y.; Yasuda, M.; Saitoh, C.; Kyoya, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Miyazu, K.; Nakamura, I.
1992Expression of intermediate filaments and other special markers by testicular germ cell tumors. With reference to embryogenesisHanai, J.; Lin, M.; Wada, A.; Ishiguro, S.; Miki, T.; Sakaguchi, H.; Kanda, H.
1992Dermal cylindroma. Expression of intermediate filaments, epithelial and neuroectodermal antigensWollina, Uwe; Rülke, D.; Schaarschmidt, H.
1992Expression of neuronal and glial markers in so-called oligodendrogilial tumors induced by transplacental administration of ethyl-nitrosourea in the ratVaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Moreno M.; Oya, S.; Arias, A.; Zurita, M.; Morales, C.
1992Metanephric adenomaBrisigotti, M.; Cozzutto, C.; Fabbretti, G.; Sergi, C.; Callea, Francesco