Histology and histopathology: Vol. 7, nº 3 (1992) : [25]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Age-related morphometric changes occurring in the somata of astrocytes of the granular layer of rat neocerebellar cortex (Crus I and Crus II)Monteiro, R.A.F.; Rocha, E.; Marini-Abreu, M.M.
1992Retinal photoreceptor fine structure in the red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus)Braekevelt, Charlie R.
1992Scanning electron microscopic and light microscopic observations on morphological changes of freeze-dried bone implantation in ratsMatsuda, Mikio; Satoh, Y.; Ono, K.
1992Structural and ultrastructural modifications of adenohypophyseal gonadotropic cells in goat (Capra hircus)Navarro, J. A.; Gómez, M.A.; Bernabé, A.; Gómez, S.; Sánchez, J.
1992Kupffer cells and PlMs in acute experimental African Swine FeverCarrasco, L.; Fernández, A.; Gómez-Villamandos, J. C.; Mozos, E.; Méndez, A.; Jover, A.
1992A scanning and transmission electron microscopic study of the membranes of chicken eggTan, C.K.; Chen, T. W.; Chan, H.L.; Ng, L.S.
1992Carbohydrate cytochemistry of bonnet monkey (Macaca radiaca) nasal epithelium. Response to ambient levels of ozoneDimitriadis, V.K.
1992Morphometric studies on the development of human thyroid gland in early fetal lifeBocian-Sobkowska, J.; Malendowicz, L.K.; Woíniak, W.
1992Ultrastructure of murine cardiac ganglia in experimental Chagas's diseaseWong, W. C.; Tan, C.K.; Singh, M.; Yick, T. Y.
1992Distribution of neuropeptide Y-like immunoreactivity in the brain of Salmo salar and Gambusia affinisGarcía-Fernández, J.M.; Del Brío, M.A.; Cernuda-Cernuda, R.; Coto, A.; Riera, P.
1992The phylogenetic odyssey of the erythrocyte. III. Fish, the lower vertebrate experienceGlomski, Chester A.; Tamburlin, Judith; Chainani, Meena
1992Chromaffinity, uranaffinity and argentaffinity of small granule-containing (SGC) cells in rat superior cervical gangliaKuo-Shyan Lu; Yat-Pang Chau
1992Bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) response to airway challenge with cigarette smoke,bovine antigen and anti-pulmonary serumEscolar Castellón, J.de D.; Escolar castellón, A.; Roche Roche, P.A.; Miñana Amada, C.
1992Studies on the interaction between titin and myosinWang, Seu-Mei; Chung-Jiuan Jeng; Mu-Chien Sun
1992Transforming growth factor -a expression in rat experimental hepatocarcinogenesisPérez-Tomás, R.; Mayol, X.; Culleré, X.; Díaz Ruiz, C.; Domingo, J.
1992Hematoencephalic barrier. Ultrastructure and histophysiology of the endothelium capillary of the neuronal nuclei of the mesencephalonGonzález Santander, R.; Martínez Cuadrado, G.; González-Santander Martínez, M.; Toledo Lobo, M.V.; Martínez Alonso, F.J.
1992Monoclonal antibody against histiocytosis X cellsIshikawa, Makoto; Matsuda, Mikio; lmai, Yutaka
1992Morphometric study on the interhemispheric asymmetries in the wistar rat and the effects of experienceIsasa Chueca, J.A.; Lahoz Gimeno, M.; Redondo Marco, J.A.
1992Presence of melanin in normal human Schwann cellsCarbonell, A.L.; Boya, J.; García-Mauriño, J.E.
1992Histopathology of the pituitary gland in neonatal little (lit) mutant miceWilson, D.B.; Wyatt, D.P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25