Histology and histopathology: Vol. 6, nº 4 (1991) : [20]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Alteration of primate ovary surface epithelium by exposure to hexachlorobenzene: A quantitative studySims, David E.; Singh, Amreek; Donald, Alan; Jarrell, John; Villeneuve, David C.
1991Ultrastructural study on the effects of hypophysectomy on the golden hamster parathyroid glandShoichi Emura; Shizuko Shoumura; Michiya Utsumi; Huayue Chen; Tomo Yamahira; Daisuke Ayakawa; Michio Arakawa; Hideo Isono
1991Warthin's tumor as a hamartomatous dysplastic lesion: a histochemical and immunohistochemical studyTakaaki Ohmori; Uraga, Naomi; Tabei, Ryo
1991Morphogenesis and ultrastructure of the peripolar cells in the mouse kidneySioga, A.; Manthos, A.; Economou, L.; Foroglou, Ch.
1991A rapid intraoperative estimation of the proliferative activity in brain tumorsVaquero, J.; Martínez, R.; Arias, A.; Oya, S.
1991Benign multicystic mesothelial proliferation of the peritoneum. lmmunohistochemical and electron microscopical study of a case and review of the literaturePelosi, G.; Zannoni, M.; Caprioli, F.; Faccincani, L.; Battistoni, M.G.; Balercia, G.; Bontempini, L.
1991The distribution of peptide-containing nerves in the synovia of the cat knee jointAbramobici, A.; Daizade, I.; Yosipovitch, Z.; Gibson, S.J.; Polak, J.M.
1991Electron microscopic study of the occlusible tapetum lucidum of the southern fiddler ray (Trygonorhina fasciata)Braekevelt, Charlie R.
1991Chronic gastritis associated with Helicobacter pylori. Correlation between histological and bacteriological findingsPaz-Bouza, J.I.; García, I.; Abad, M.M.; Muñoz, Enrique Guillermo; Rincón, M.R.; Bullón, A.
1991Argyrophilia in ovarian serous tumors. A comparative study in 127 epithelial ovarian tumorsMeisui Lin; Jun Hanai; Hakira Wada; Masami Ozaki; kenji Nasu; Shigeru Okamoto; Keishi Matsumoto
1991Identification of sensory neurons supplying receptors in lingual muscles of the rat: histochemical and retrograde labeling study with horseradish peroxidaseSherif, Mahmoud F.; Al-Zuhair, A.G.H.; Kharbat, Basem A.
1991Sex-related differences in the nuclear population of postpubertal rat pineal gland. A quantitative studyLópez Muñoz, F.; Boya, J.; Calvo, J.L.
1991Morphological and histochemical pattern of responsein rat testes after administratnzo-ion of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibe p-dioxin ,TCDD,Rune, G.M.; Souza, P.H.de; Krowke, R.; Merker, H. J.; Neubert, D.
1991The glomerular peripolar cell: a reviewGardiner, D.S.; Downie, I.; Gibson, I.W.; More, I.A.R.; Lindop, G.B.M.
1991The modifications produced in allergic alveolitis and in goodpasture's syndrome due to exposure to cigarette smokeEscolar Castellón, J.de D.; Roche Roche, P.A.; Escolar castellón, A.; Miñana Amada, C.
1991Evaluation of nucleolar organizer region-associated proteins in endornetrial pathologyMauri, M.F.; Fibbi, M.L.; Lo Re, V.; Albertoni, M.
1991lmmunocytochemical study of the epithelial lining of naturally occurring cysts in the rat intermediate lobeCarbajo, S.; Carbajo-Pérez, E.; Hernández, J.L.; Vázquez, R.; Carvajal, J.C.
1991Varix of the heart causing outflow tract obstructionSalas Valién, J.S.; Ribas Ariño, M.T.; Palau Benavides, M.T.; González Morán, M.A.
1991lmmunohistological signposts in central nervous system tumours with neuronal differentiationCruz-Sánchez, F. F.; Rossi, M.L.; Rodríguez-Prados, S.; Cusi, V.; Coakham, H.B.
1991Ultrastructural study of the neuroglial and macrophagic reaction in Wallerian degeneration of the adult rat optic nerveCarbonell, A.L.; Boya, J.; Calvo, J.L.; Marín, J.F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20